Command Logging within MySql

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    Plugin category: Website Administration

    What I want: A plugin that will log all commands a player successfully executes that are put into a MySQL DB. Preferably with the following options

    TABLE: Commands
    • Player ID
    • Command
    • Date
    TABLE: Player
    • Playername
    • Player ID

    This will be used for a web based log with search and limit features. Mainly used to check on the commands that staff members run throughout the day for safety reasons and review.

    That is all I need, however if possible, a command ranking system, where within the config you can define a certain set of commands (eg: /ban, /kick, /money give) as high level 2 commands. anything unlisted would fall under level 1. This way I could limit query's for only level 2 commands as well as make them more noticeable by styling level 2 commands as a darker outline.

    Ideas for commands: /{pluginname} reload

    Ideas for permissions: No perms needed, however a {pluginname}.exempt would be nice but unnecessary

    When I'd like it by: 8/25/2012

    Notes: I looked and could not find anything like this, sorry for wasting your time if there already is one. Secondly, I am fully fine with designing the php script to display the results. However, if you have time and want to make it then that is fantastic and id be willing to supply any resources you need.
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    Bump, sorry but ive gotten no update on this.
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    My apologies, and I had searched to no avail. Thank you for linking me this. Sorry for wasting your time.

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