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    I want a way to stick a sign on a chest in a similar way as lockette does, but instead of only locking the chest for that player to use, I want to be able to access that chest through the command prompt.

    To make is so players can have multiple chests access-able the player would put a keyword on the sign.

    So how the sign would work is this:
    Line 1: [Private]
    Line 2: [Keyword]
    Line 3: Fills players name in automatically on creation.

    Here are the commands and what they do:
    /CC Pass [Keyword] [Password], makes it so the owner of the chest can setup a password so if he/she wishes to, he/she can let other players access that chest anywhere so long as they know the password. (The password would be optional, if no password is set only the owner of the chest may open it.)

    /CC Access [Keyword] [Password], Allows players to open the chest from anywhere so long as they own the chest or know the password. (The owner would not have to enter the password)

    /CC Change [Keyword] [New Password], Allows the owner to of the chest to change the password of a specified chest.

    /CC Unlock [Keyword], Unlocks the chest so any player can access the chest either through command prompt or in person.

    Maybe add compatibility with Dispensers, as then players could re-fill ones set as traps without possibly exposing the trap. (I know supply sign would work better but my players are in survival and they would just abuse the supply sign power)

    Add Security Activate-able security measures that make it so if a player tries to "hack" another players chest so many times, something bad happens to them.

    can nobody do this?


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    Use LWC... same function without sign and thousands of things more ;)

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