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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Marlon Kolata, Jan 22, 2011.

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    Marlon Kolata

    i need a simple mod to make colored names. I dont need GroupUsers (That dont works for me, because the normal players can not spawn blocks) and many of my Plugins have their own permission managmend.
    I need a mod for colored names URGENT.
    It would be nice, if somebody could help me [​IMG]

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    So, you don't want to use GroupUsers, because you can't get it to work, but now want another plugin (URGENT of course) with the desired functionality?

    GroupUsers works just fine, the names have group specific colors in chat and new/default players can build.
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    Well GroupUsers is opensource, so it should be an easy task, from what I found on the first look, you just need
     public void onPlayerChat(PlayerChatEvent event) {
                    "%1$s", prefix + "%1$s" + ChatColor.WHITE));
    Where prefix is the color format you want to.

    As I would like this in my own plugin, I will look into it further.

    Also thank you GroupUsers devs for the code!
    --- merged: Jan 22, 2011 2:37 PM ---
    Okay, implemented in PlgEssentials, having this as an independent plugin is sort of strange because it contains 2 lines of code...
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    I would also like a plugin that you choose what colours people will have. I just want my name to be red and all other players to be white =)
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    Well then the GroupUsers does all that. You don't need to use other features aside from the colors AFAIK.
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    I want look a like of Colorme
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    Hello. We would be able to create a plugin similar to ColorMe for you and your server. Contact us on skype or through our website Skype: mrgreenglue
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    You could just use iOp couldn't you?
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    Not only ops have to be colored everybody!
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    look for iChat, i use that for colored names.
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    isn't just for ops, you can set it for regular players too
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    Ok gonna take a look
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    Essentials does that. You can choose the colour of all of the ops.
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    a-hoy, I think I got an idea for my first plugin. I want to try making one, and this seems half-simple. Might not be out in many days, but oh well. Hope you get a nice chat plugin!

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