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    Does anyone know if a plugin exists that allows colored names based on PermissionsEx groups? I know mChat does this but how easy would it be to make a plugin which does this and ONLY this, and no other rubbish?

    All the plugins I see come with an array of different options when I only want one thing; colored names. I feel my server needs a dedicated, no fuss plugin to do this.

    What I need:

    1) Ability to color names based on groups from PermissionsEx
    2) Color must be in chat and on the playerlist.
    3) Nothing else!

    If it could be pretty future proof in regards in updates, that would be great.
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    Monetary offers arent allowed.
    I can do this tomorrow, too many projects today.
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    Thank you

    How easy would it be to add the option for GroupManager too, same function as PermissionsEx, group colors only?

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    Mazaveli If you mean a colored username, try appending a color code to the end of a user's prefix: '&8[&cOwner&8]&c'

    If you mean a chat color, try the suffix feature: '&c'

    If you use either of these options, go to your ChatManager options and set message-format to '%prefix %name&f: %suffix%message'
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    What if you want the name colors not to be by group, but per individual how do you do that then ?
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    With permissionEX you can give players specific permissions, and prefix's just give them a black prefix with a color code, or if you use a plugin like essentials you could always just do /nick colorcode name and it would color there name.

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