Colored Name Tag (above the player's head)

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    Plugin category: Name Customization

    Suggested name: ColoredTag

    What I want: I would like Plugin that would color the Name tags above players name, by command, and done by Permission groups.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /colortag <color> || Example: /colortag DARK_RED
    • /colortag group <group> <color> || Example: /colortag Guest GREEN
    • /colortag <player> <color> || Example: /colortag Bob GOLD
    Ideas for permissions:
    • colortag.self
    • colortag.other
    When I'd like it by: Whenever you have time
  2. This is already been made. I will find the plugin. It lets you rename yourself, or add colors. You would need spout for above the head though.

    I could look into doing it so it would work without spout. Not sure though. Will get back to you if i decide to do so.
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    There is one made by v10 called v10name use the search bar or look down in the request thread its pretty recent. He made it as a request so no separate thread and p.s. is breaks the skin but doesn't need spout you would need spout to see player skin and name

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