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    Go Hard

    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: Coins

    What I want: I want a plugin that is kinda like iconomy but better. I want the players able to sell stuff for silver coins and then they can take the silver and convert it into gold coins, And they can buy stuff with gold coins.

    Heres a example

    Also want players to beable to pay other players in silver coins, Not gold.

    Ideas for commands:
    /coins - Checks your gold and silver coins, Like the picture above
    /silver - exchanges your silver for gold coins. (10 sivler = 1 gold)
    /pay (playername) {ammount} - Pays that player in silver coins (and it notifys the player that he got the silver)

    Ideas for permissions:
    coins.coins (access to /coins)
    coins.silver other players)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Good idea!
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    You mean acctual silver coins that the client can use and have in his/her inventory.
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    Please read the [READ ME FIRST] -- You will discover that you cannot add coins to the game without the use of an accompanying client mod. I'd recommend posting on the Spout forums.

    Edit.: Wow, I absolutely despise this message-cooldown-timer.
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    how is this different than a plugin that shows money amount in one line?
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Nooo, he means coins would be the name of the currency, not in his inventory! He just wants it seperate though, so each player has almost two accounts; one with silver coins and one with gold. Read the post!

    P.S: The cooldown timer is evil... it killed my family!
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    Go Hard

    Someone gets it, But is it possible to make that plugin?!?!!
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    "Read the post!".

    Yeah, thanks. I did read it. There was no mention of two separate bank accounts; it sounded like COINS, which are physical. Even Omnitv thought that.
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Sorry didn't mean to put it so bluntly :( but just so you knew...

    P.S: I have hired an assasin! The cooldown timer dies tonight...
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    Also, I've heard that two economies is terribly difficult to run, especially with Vault. How is it going to know whether to charge the user 5 gold or 5 silver?

    So, you'll probably need a modified Vault...
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    Go Hard

    Ok then can someone make the gold part. Not the silver. Like people can pay other people in gold coins, They can buy stuff with gold coins, Etc.
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    Then just use something like iConomy and rename 'dollar' to gold coin.

    In fact, you can even name the "minor" currency silver, if you really want.
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    The OP does makes sound like they're looking for a physical economy like GoldIsMoney offers. Though iConomy offers something similar.

    But having an economy split like is what seems to be the real intent as per later posts would require a modified Vault so it could know on a per transaction level which currency to use. Would not really be feasable because even with modifying Vault, there's no way to know on the two sides of the transaction if they are related. Example, it has no way whatsoever to know that the individual withdraw then deposit are related in the slightest when performing a basic player to player payment.

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