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    Plugin category: roleplay, i guess

    Suggested name: Terra Nova

    A bit about me: i am a minecrafter who has just bought a server.

    What I want:i want a plugin that will make my minecraft server as close to the sci-fi show terra nova, like instead of the mobs you see (skeletons etc) a dinasour from terra nova

    Ideas for commands:/<anicials of name> help, wich would list all the commands you can use, and the rest i would let the modder decide, i dont know what you can and cannot do.

    Ideas for permissions: only let the admins control the dinosours

    Willing to pay up to: $0

    When I'd like it by: take as long as you like, i dont like to have specified dates

    Similar plugin requests:none that i know of
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    Knight Hawk3

    So, you want us to send over a network a 3d model of a Dinosuar? We would need spout, and it would be really hard, You might want to offer some money...
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    its ok, i can come up with a diffrent server, thanks for postingnthough rather than leave me checking for a whie!
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    This isn't possible unless using spout and even then its immensely complicated and would require players and the server to have same mods/class files/jars installed. Even in the simplest form players would be deterred from your server by the effort needed to play.

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