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    My request:

    A plugin, which is allows to use codes for giving item.


    Someone buy a premium item to my server for real money, and he gets a code, and when he type the chat "/acceptitem <code>" (or something like this) , he gets the item(s).
    So, he buy an enchanted armor, and he gets a code "PVP1346", and when he type the chat /acceptitem PVP1346 he gets the armor.

    Best regards - Tralk
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    TralkTTM Buycraft supports this, just change this box
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    WeeSkilz Not everyone uses buycraft :)
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    AdamQpzm I know, I was suggesting that Buycraft supports what you wanted.
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    Then perhaps they should either request a similar feature from the developers of their shop plugin or switch to BuyCraft.
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    This might not be exactly like your request, but try out my servershop-gui plugin. I've introduced in the latest version a "Token" feature.
    Tokens can only be acquired via Console/Admin commands.
    So your players are buying Tokens in your webshop, and can select ingame the perk they want to buy with these tokens.
    Example from my server:

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