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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PatrioticPleb, Jun 17, 2020.

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    version: 1.15.2

    name:CobWebCannon (cwc)

    idea: if a player right clicks an item (bow, dispenser, idk, item should be configurable if possible) and a cobweb launches from the item and lands on whatever surface. the cobweb would then despawn in a config amount of time. it would be best if there was a cooldown too and also everything to be configurable (distance, etc.). Ammo is infinite.

    perms: cwc.give, idk

    commands: /cwc give [player] [amount]

    best by: ASAP

    side note: could this be done with tnt as well? like can it throw tnt but not ignite it? if so, lmk thanks
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    im making this but im calling it block cannon and you can chose any block to shoot

    i've completed it
    if the link doesnt work its because it isnt approved yet
    if you want any changes leave a comment on the plugin page

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