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    What is it
    What is MyWebCraft? MyWebCraft is a Content Management System long for CMS, it is basically a simple website maker for your MineCraft server, with cool features for free, and easy to use interface.

    The CMS is currently under development and will soon be available in BETA stages, so there will be a few minor issues.

    If you have any questions about the project or suggestions please tell me in the comments, I would love to answer, If you have any suggestions please tell me I would love to know what you guys would be interested in.

    When you get the CMS this is what you will get with it.

    Pages :
    - Home Page
    - Join us page
    - Staff Page
    - Rules Page
    - News Page
    - Custom Page(s)
    Other Functions :
    - Automatique Shop (Kind of like BuyCraft but custom)
    - Voting (Offering Rewards when you vote)
    - User Management
    - User Login/Register
    - Administration

    - More things to be added (Suggest thing you would like to see on the CMS)

    Reasons to choose MyWebCraft
    - Coded in PHP PDO:: for optimale security, the CMS uses prepared queries to counter SQL Injections and XSS flaws.
    - We offer you regular updates so you can always have a website up to date.
    - The CMS is extremely easy to install, and you can very easily manage the CMS via the Admin-Panel. - Cool functions and plugins
    - Always being developed
    - A profesional aspect
    - A complet Admin-Panel
    - A CMS under bootstrap, so responsive

    What you need
    - A Web Host
    - A database (MySQL)

    The Team
    - TristanCode | Founder, Head-Developper, Project Manger

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    This sounds really cool. Good luck with this.
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    Thanks and If you any suggestions feel free to tell me ;)
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    Some would say but this is totally custom and no need to have a domaine.enjin.com you can almost host this on anything, You will just need to see for yourself when it comes out.
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    A suggestion that I would love to see is maybe a ticket system, or even better a live chat system. This way mods and administrators of a server, can easily handle problems in real time.
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