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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tkthebeat, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Daily DDoS attacks... *me whistles*
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    Donald Scott

    Your incorrect. Any VPS host will null-route you if you come under any significant attack. While small servers may not be prone to these attacks, we cannot think of a situation which would warrant a cloud if you have small server. It would make more sense to have multiple worlds.
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    Just mentioning that people may want to use different plugins per-world, which currently isn't possible. ;)
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    Lol. Small servers, regardless of what kind of platform they are hosted on, are subject to DDoS attacks just like any big server out there. Why? Wake up and smell the coffee. The availability to DDoS with 5-10 dollar/mo. web-based booters make the ability to DDoS very. very. very. easy. If you average 10 players a day, even, it only takes one power-hungry kid with a "Send Attack" button to render an unprotected server completely useless. Especially with this whole "API" amplification concept of this web-based booters (API is the popular term, but entirely incorrect), any web-based booter in existence rarely does under a 1Gbps attack now. I like to think of AssetGateway as a service for established popular servers, or aspiring-to-be-popular servers. A very crucial of aspect to a successful server is good uptime. And AG provides this overpriced? I think not. Go google some popular DDoS protection providers and the prices are going to be anywhere from 3-5 times the price of AssetProxy protection. Just think some more people should do some more homework before making their statements.
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    The point I made in my post was that it is quite useless for small servers. :S
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    If you want to connect multiple servers together, you need a large playercount to sustain your playerbase. If you have a large playercount, skids will attack your server. For that, AssetGateway is the perfect package, as it provides DDoS protection for more than amazing prices, with our renowned and proven software.

    RubberBand however gives smaller servers the ability to pretend like larger servers by linking multiple CraftBukkit instances together, thus having them kill their lifespan before they were even truly born. If you're a large server owner and use RubberBand, you have felt the instabilities of it, but not only that. If you haven't bought DDoS protection, you will find the downtime of your server to be astonishing, and if you have, you will find the hole in your pocket to be immense.

    This isn't a competition however. There is no competition between proprietary and open source, and I would like people to understand that relationship between AG and RB.

    We provide a quality service that does as it is advertised, and I hope we can come to an understanding on that.

    I don't understand you at all. I thought I did when we talked on Skype previously, but you simply don't make sense. You even lied to me at points, saying you had nothing to do with the sales of RubberBand.

    The some people who got it special paid you a fee to use it on their servers. Some even paid $100 (or more...) in fact, for a broken and furthermore in development software? Even the person who was helping you sell it moved over to AssetGateway because of your incompetence regarding the matter, not even fixing any of the bugs on a reasonable basis. Total hypocrite.

    You say my philosophy is bad, when I am actually selling a software that works? I'm disgusted, in fully honesty.

    Small servers shouldn't split their community so much by linking servers together... That's just asking for the community to die.

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    Once again you're agreeing with me..
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    Not necessarily. If you have a different type of server (i.e. Survival server and Creative server), and integrate them well, you'd potentially be more successful, because you would be attracting two types of players. Sure, each server will have fewer players on it, but based on a combined playercount, you would be more 'successful'.
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    Managing two servers equally with equal advertisement like that however would be absurd. I do agree to some extent however, but I still do say that a community would be a lot easier? to grow together.

    Oh wow, I misread your posts a lot, and we agree a lot. ^_^

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    Donald Scott

    In all honesty I don't understand the debate. You don't get something for nothing.

    AssetCraft is not free because it's expensive to run. AssetCraft is expensive to run because it's actively maintained, has tons of features, and has a support team. It's that simple.

    No one here is entitled to have a cloud system, just like no one is entitled to having a dedicated box. We develop and host it at great cost because people want to pay for it.
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    Yes, a single community would be much easier to manage. I feel like opening different options is both helpful and detrimental. While you are attracting more people, you're splitting the community and forcing them to "choose" a server.

    I really just wanted to respond to this (below) that plugins-per-world are not possible, so that's why small servers would split up their worlds. ;)

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I'm not aware of any known issues. Could you elaborate or are you going to continue trying to turn this into a smear/advertisement topic.
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    TBH, I don't see a lot in multiservers.Even for larger servers, it's a waste of money, time, and energy to maintain the servers, to maintain the community, to maintain whatever cloud you have, to have the money to host all of those servers.

    If you have time + $ +dedicated staff, then maybe you can pull it off, otherwise... just give musers other ips to join, not that complicated.
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    Of course not. I simply dislike md_5 attempting to undermine me and my works.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Then, stay out of this thread. You've received a warning for spreading misinformation.
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    Spreading misinformation? Not only is that not a rule, but according to my Inbox, I received a warning for inappropriate behavior.

    Let me state that I have read through the Bukkit Terms of Service many times, and I am entirely within them. I've been a community member for quite a bit actually, and I don't intend to break any rules. As of such, I disagree with your warning, and believe it is bias based on the fact that you support RubberBand.

    I also believe that I have every right to be in this thread, given that I know more than you about the subject and have executed it on several servers. You are the only one who has a problem with me posting here. Please fix your attitude, as I am simply trying to have a discussion.

    Also, you help develop for one of the servers that changed to AssetGateway due to RubberBand's numerous issues. Given, it is obvious that you are lying as well...

    How childish can this be really? I already said that this isn't a competition, yet you try to make it out to be?
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    Donald Scott

    Unlike MD_5's product, ours does not modify or do anything with Bukkit. His is illegal, ours is not.

    The rest of what you said is garbage/makes no sense, so I am just going to ignore it.
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    Wait you sure??? I've been to a couple of your hosted servers and yet /version returns a modified version message...
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    Donald Scott

    No, I only invested time and a huge sum of cash into a service I know nothing about. -_-
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    Hey I'm just voicing my opinion of this situation. I just hate to see such a slanderous misconception about another's plugin when they abide by the license https://github.com/Shadowraze/RubberBukkit.
    Maybe the modified version bit is your clients, who knows its just kinda interesting your attitudes and the extensive amount of advertising your doing for situations you seems so prevalent to having an issue with. Simply put basically from my understanding its "use your service" or suffer when almost every other host will offer you hardware solutions for DDoS protection. Sorry it just basically all sounds like threats to me. Hell I might have to spend the 99 bucks to ftp everything off you and decompile it myself. However your "Business" and conduct has in noway impressed me.
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    Donald Scott

    Let me address you in parts:
    1. Hardware solutions to DDoS don't work -> Read this study
    2. If you don't have DDoS protection, you WILL SUFFER. It's that simple. It costs $5 / hour to take down a service with services readily available from hacking forums.
    3. What extensive advertising? We have many of the biggest MineCraft servers using our service, yet we have not even began to advertise. We haven't spent as much as a cent on advertising.
    4. "Hell I might have to spend the 99 bucks to ftp" -> Your kidding right? What would make you think clients get FTP access to their cloud system? Again, our system does NOT consist of any form of bukkit, it is our custom solution. Everything is accessed via our web panel.
    5. "Sorry it just basically all sounds like threats to me" -> Yes, and these attacks (below) against our current clients are just a freak occurrence.
    In conclusion, don't make vague assertions (which are totally wrong) and then challenge when you are corrected on the subject. Get real... Our service is for serious clients, who really care about stability and uptime.

    Recent Attacks:
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I have contributed plugin assistance to a huge list of servers. One of those servers was running RubberBand for testing, and encountered an issue that nobody could reproduce, that appeared to be an issue with his connection. Tried to help him but he left for AssetGateway before we could even determine if it was related to RubberBand, complaining about receiving no support in the under-24 hours period he'd brought it up in. That was one issue, not numerous, and it's never been reproduced across several servers and server setups running up to 150+ players. Bugs require confirmation, this was a one-off over a period under a day. :)

    I develop for one community: my own.

    How about we take a new and novel approach to this topic and stop slandering projects. Everybody. When RubberBand releases public, we can happily post that here. If another project pops up with a 'cloud' server plugin, we can happily post that here. :)
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    Donald Scott

    I agree, after all, Md_5 has not even released his plugin, and might never release it...
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    I agree, but the spout forums make me puke honestly.
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    This is just getting a tad ridiculous. It is turning into a big flame war about RubberBukkit vs. AssetGateway. These posts no longer have much relevance to the OP. We've established that both RubberBukkit and AssetGateway are viable options.

    Yes, they have their differences; yes, both may have their weakness. People can use their brains and choose the one that works best for them.

    Can we please lock this? This thread has run its course; please just accept this and move on. If, at some further point in time, another solution is found, people can contact a moderator.

    EDIT: Wow, 3 people posted in the time it took for me to write this. >.<
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    This is not about which service/plugin is better, who gives better DDoS protection, or who is more knowledgeable. It started as a plugin request for a "cloud" (holy crap that is a poor term for anything requested or mentioned in this thread) service, and delved into a discussion on who's service was better.
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