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    Yes, these systems are specifically tailored to the server they are made for -- but there has been no public release from anyone about how it's done; even the very basics have been unrevealed. That's what is the worst part (for me) so far. There's no word from anyone on how to even start, so many developers are left in the dark... And for server owners like myself with little Java knowledge and not-so-full pockets, no developer means no plugin.

    That's what the big hype (at least I'm excited) has been about LegendaryCraft releasing a system. Obviously, it won't be as easy as typing the IP addresses into a config, but at least it's somewhere to start.
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    See this is where opinions differ. Both (and others may have said it before us) codename_b and myself have recommended checking into the plugin ServerPort. It can get you some of the base functionality that you may need. As for how to start from there, that is up to the ServerPort dev to explain to you as its his plugin. Its not that these systems doesn't exist publicly already, its that some people are too lazy to read a bunch of documentation files.
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    Too lazy? (If that was directed towards me: No. I don't understand it :p. Even if I did, I wouldn't know what to do with it...)

    But, yes, that is a general start. The problem is, the new "cloud" system is different.
    I revise my statement for before... People might know where to start, but after that, they're in the dark, correct? There might be a start from ServerPort, but after that, I'd think that most things change. It'd take much more background knowledge about packets and proxies and such to turn that into a seamless server-to-server teleportation without requiring client modifications of any sorts.

    Anyways, as I need to go, I can't write anything else. :p LC's system should be out in the coming weeks, and many things will change then. :)
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    I wouldn't count on it in the "coming weeks", months maybe if that at all. From my experience LC hasn't attempted to give back anything to the community, and they first would have to get the system working themselves, I much prefer seeing progress rather then "empty promises"
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    We were thinking about it but decided to hold off and see if anyone (LC) released a public version since it's really more trouble than it's worth.

    Last I saw md_5 might team up with codename_B to do something like this (updated/better ServerPort). Not sure if that's gone anywhere.
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    I have spoken to people from LC and they have stated that they have dropped the cloud project as they no longer are using it. Please release your version!
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    I tried to stay positive and faithful. -_-
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    he isnt going to its a PRIVATE plugin
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    quote="njb_said, post: 1235149, member: 90663084"]he isnt going to its a PRIVATE plugin[/quote]

    I don't think you have very detailed knowledge on this subject
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    I don't think you have very detailed knowledge on this subject[/quote]
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    Darn :( i need this plugin!
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    If you r
    If you read previous comments you would know legendarycraft said they were makeing a public cloud plugin, tho now they have dropped the project
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    Craftproxy does this, without disconnecting the client at all. This has probably already been discussed, however.
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    I can confirm myself and md_5 are working on something like this.
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    Robin Rob_Y

    I need the same thing I know someone who works with md_5 and who made plotme Im going to ask him to clean this up :D

    I think the "BIG" servers should share there code the greedy things anyone agree ?

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    no because the there would be no "one of a kind" servers

    so what can we exspect from it?

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    Cloud server teleporting. And I believe its already done.
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    Really? I haven't heard a single drop of news about it. :3 Unless... They didn't release it? (Is it for private, paid use only?)

    md_5 or codename_B could answer this more knowledgeably. :3
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    Heres a good theory, We have a minecraft client login to server1, but then server1 acts as a minecraft client and connects to server2 so then server1 will recieve all of the packets and route them to the minecraft client so the minecraft client will get all of the packets and it will look and act like the client is playing on server2?! But that might be a big plugin because you have to handle all of the packets in their and stuff.
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    That's how codename_B's current server to server tp system works, although he said it broke with MC 1.3.1. Idk about the one md_5 and him are working on though.
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    Well whenever minecraft updates they always change all of the packets and everything...
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    Paid only codename devs for my server sometimes and brought it up one day asking if I could advertise it around couldnt really find many people to interested in it though. You may be able to get a deal :D
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    codename_B and I are working on the 'Elastic Portal Suite'
    You can read all about it in this document:
    I am the lead developer of this project, and although codename has not yet contributed any code I am sure he will make it great.
    As of tonight RubberBand is nearly ready for beta, there are only a few more things we need to clean up, I'll list them here if I can remember them.
    - Make the proxy listen to packet 250's from the server to allow server plugins to make you switch servers. Currently this can only be done through the inbuilt /server command.
    - Make RubberBukkit receive the users real ip address
    - Save logs to txt file

    All in all the system is nearing completion!

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    Looks interesting, will you be putting the source on github upon completion?
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    md_5 I give you my hat if this works
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    I personally would like to, but I don't think codename wants to.
    We have an EXTENSIVE javadoc'd api and event system, which will be public, allowing you to create 'plugins' for the hub. But at this stage the api will be open, but the implementation will be obfuscated.
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    That's a shame, has he made any commits to it yet? I mean, if he hasn't, you could do things your way.
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    Thats the point I am leaning towards, its several thousand lines of code to me, none to him.
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