Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Orcem12, Jul 26, 2011.

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    so how close is this plugin to release?
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    Well since many didn't approve I added a lot of new features; dungeons, abilities, McMMo bonuses and what not.
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    XD I was hoping for a date or a link
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    I don't like to give dates (nor go on em xD forever alone..) and it's not "furnished" yet. lol. When it's time I'll post a video and send the link out.
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    Wheres the download link?
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    This project was completed 3 months ago. lol. Plus that's SMP, not plugin.
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    So this was just the default skylands gen?
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    No, once spout was developed I added the "adding blocks" feature and 2 new mobs, however only a select amount of servers wanted/dared to test it. I then added it to my todo list after my new computer broke down, now that I have my new computer, I lost the plugin. When I first released the plugin for "testing", yes, it was just default skylands generation, after about 2 weeks I randomly selected 3 people from this thread to test it after adding randomly generating dungeons and creative's "fly", and perks like the ones you see from Levelcraft or McMMo 2/3 responded, and 2/3 said it was working great. So I don't know if I should try to write it again or just start on something new.

    Edit: Good Question ^^
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    Hi Orcem12 I would like a copy please because my bro owns a server and his computer has the requirements. I am a big fan of the Aether and I don't care if it looks like the Skylands. No offense if the Skylands part made you sad.
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    I need :D
    I bloody need :D
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