[CLOSED] Free Server Hosting, Web Hosting and Database Hosting (Rules Apply)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Haribo98, Oct 22, 2012.

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    I am offering the use of my non-used VPS server.

    It's been sitting around doing nothing for quite a while, and I thought I might let some people use it for free. Bear in mind I AM PAYING for this hosting, it may go straight away if it's usage is abused.

    There will be 15 web hosting, 5 databases and 2 Bukkit server hosting slots (512MB).
    I will repeat, abuse in this service will mean that your account may be terminated with no prior warning.

    If you receive one, try not to go over 5GB, as 100GB is my total hard drive capacity.

    The servers are 512MB and available to developers ONLY. SSH and access to them will be given after you have received one.
    Server Hosting Slot 1 [ Royal_Soda ]
    Server Hosting Slot 2 [ lol768 ]
    Server Hosting Slot 3 [ May be opened if I know I wont be overloading the VPS ]

    Web Hosting Slot 1 [ hawkfalcon ]
    Web Hosting Slot 2 [ MrBluebear3 ]
    Web Hosting Slot 3 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 4 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 5 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 6 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 7 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 8 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 9 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 10 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 11 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 12 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 13 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 14 [ NULL ]
    Web Hosting Slot 15 [ NULL ]

    These Databases have not been tested for connections from external hosts.
    Database Slot 1 [ NULL ]
    Database Slot 2 [ NULL ]
    Database Slot 3 [ NULL ]
    Database Slot 4 [ NULL ]
    Database Slot 5 [ NULL ]

    EDIT: Do not use this hosting with anything other than a little testing host. This little VPS will not take loads of hits at once, so do remember this!
    EDIT 2: Don't use the website hosting for hosting your minecraft server website, this is meant for developers.
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    I would love a website host.
    For swallowtailsoftware.tk
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    "I" would like a free server host :D that would be awesome to have since I'm want a 24/7 server.
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    Would you mind if I ask for a server (Bukkit/Minecraft)? I'd love to use a test server that I don't mind others connecting to...
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    What is the web server setup? Does it have mod_rack (Apache) or Phusion Passenger (nginx)?
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    Bukkit test server would be great for diagnosing some plugin issues.
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    hawkfalcon Request Accepted, check on PM for details
    Widawizz22 The server hosting is for developers only
    Royal_Soda Request Accepted, check on PM for details
    Sushi mod_rack (Apache) if you wish to have a few things changed just give me a PM and I'll get to it
    lol768 Request Accepted, check on PM for details
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    Web-hosting would be great! You are a very generous person and obviously wants the best for the community and I thank you for that.
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    Thanks. I am just getting Minecraft Servers setup first, then I'll get onto webservers. However hawkfalcon yours is setup
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    Do I get one? Do I? Do I?
    ^ overexcited dev ^

    I have virtual [cake] :D !
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    Of course you do! Check the slot count.

    Web hosting is now under construction. After setting up web hosting for MrBluebear3 I will work on the website for the hosting ;)

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    Uh... I will be changing it soon but www.puffybugs.com would be great for now! (I own this domain)
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    what domain are you using for the web server. I can't give you an IP as I only have 2.​
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    Should I have received the PM yet?
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    *chuckles at OP*
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    *wonders at purpose of reply*
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    I would really love a Web hosting! I will be using it as a repository for all of my plugins and host wikis for each of my plugins on it. www.bobacadodl.com would be great xD!
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    Have I not sent it?
    I thought I had...

    Doing it now!

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    Thanks a lot! This will be really useful :)
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    I wouldn't mind a Small (even less than 256mb) server with mysql database IF it has phpmyadmin for the MySQL access, and if it doesn't allow external connections (mysql) then is the webhosting on the same host ? so it makes it all localhost ?
    If yes, then I'm even willing to pay a small monthly donation :)
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    Well, I'll message you about this later, as I don't have enough RAM on this VPS to do this
  23. Cool, can I have one?
    I want to test some interest on a plugin.
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    No more servers left currently.
    My multicraft license has a max of 2!
    I will be installing SpaceBukkit if I get the time.
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    Not that I want one, but thank you for giving back to the community. <3
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    Why was my request denied?
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    I'm not sure, I'll get you one after the new VPS arrives. Sorry about that!
    It should be here within 4 days.

    There will be some downtime currently, as the VPS host seems to have crashed, including all VPSs that they host. Sorry for this.
    (17:21 UK Time)

    BACK ONLINE NOW (Has been since 17:36 UK Time)

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    Don't worry, I've gotten another offer
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    Ok, well sorry. I don't know why I didn't accept yours.
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    Well, you can have other devs join, but this is not a playing on server. These are for developers and developers only.
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