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    You should add a talking prmission that allows or does not allow talking
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    Will be added in next version. You'll need the permission

    best regards

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    Ok thanks sorry for the late reply, I usually get notifications or emails but I only just got them thanks!
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    BetterHide is finished. Now I'm going to implement a Groupchat.(next version)

    BetterHide: someone performs the command /hide , another one joins the server afterwards, he can see the player who performed /hide. With the new update this bug will be fixed. (this version 10.2, released on next weekend)

    EDIT1: Groupchat is already implemented in dev version
    EDIT2: Groupchat is completely working need set.jc ! You can change the mobtype mobspawner/monsterspawner by right-clicking the spawner. Need's permission set.changetype
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    GERAT JOB i like it :D thanks
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    Update is now LIVE! Updated to newest Build and Fnctions.
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    Some difficulty for advanced users, extracting the new SST build with adminchat from this picture. Working with MAC OSX system tools. Extracting not tested with Windows.
    Good Luck
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    When people join my server they can't move without being op'd. I've looked through the comments and Add'd them all to the permissions file. Any fix? or anyone else have this issue.
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    Hey there! - Thanks to inform me. I forgot to add that to the page. you Need to give them sst.move, for Chat, for build + break sst.break and
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    this was a big help! THANK YOU![cake]
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    Locked. This tool is closed and no longer active.
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