Client crashing on stone slabs - is it Bukkit or Notch?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Etsijä, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Hi, we're experiencing severe client crashes when trying to access stone slabs on the player's inventories - or the chest inventories, for that matter. You move the mouse pointer over the slabs, and the client just freezes and dies. No errors on console or anywhere else.

    I'm sorry if this is already discussed widely somewhere, but does anyone have a clue where the problem lies? I'm suspecting Notch-bug but can't be sure.

    Our server is using recommenced build #432 atm.
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    Have you tried just running the vanilla MC server to see if its a problem on there? Try running CraftBukkit without any plugins to see if it still occurs there as well.
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    No I haven't yet, but need to, as this is driving us crazy on our server. We are running now the Recommended #440, and I just witnessed this: made a stack full of wooden slabs (half-blocks), started to lay them down, and all of a sudden they turned into stone slabs. Now whenever I go to my inventory and move the mouse pointer over the stone slabs -> the client crashes.
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    I would assume some sort of plugin bug. I've never had that problem. Maybe try disabling one plugin at a time until you find the one that was producing the issue.
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    I believe that the stone turning into wood slabs is a notch-bug, yes. This could also probably cause the client crashes.
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    Updating Java to Java 6 Update 24 (newest) didn't help.
    Unable to repeat these crashes on my own testserver, so it must be something on the big server we're using!

    - - -

    Does anyone know how to enable some kind of Java crash logging on my own computer? On the crashes, the reason flashes quickly on the screen but I cannot find a logfile of any sorts. I think it should be hs_err_something, but I cannot find it anywhere on my computer!
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