[CLI/ADMIN] [WIP] Baskit: Screen-based Minecraft Server Manager

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by SteveMcGrath, Dec 27, 2012.

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    GOALS: a console-based server manager that can allow for easy scripting, updating, backing up, etc. without the need for complex systems or a lot of programming knowledge. This is an old project that I've resurrected, and as always, please let me know of any suggestions you may have ;)

    Current Progress:
    • Complete rewrite of the code. (picked up after 4+ months of inactivity ;)
    • Most of the basic functions work"
      • start
      • stop
      • restart
      • update
      • command input
      • player listing
      • status
      • console
      • backups
      • snapshots
      • sync (ramdisk support)
    • ToDo:
      • bukget support UPDATE: Beta support implemented.

    Easy as copy-pasting the right line into your console:

    Video Walkthrough of initial installation & some basic usage:

    • If you want to use baskit to access your server from anywhere on the system, then move the baskit.conf file thats created to /etc or ~/.baskit.conf
    • Baskit uses screen, this means that it is restricted to the user thats running it. You can use sudo to get around that issue.

    Well 70+ views and no one has reported any issues yet...so I might have done something right :)

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    Care to combine forces on ABM? (See signature below)
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    ABM looks promising, however I think most of this code replaces just about everything you have done. Feel free to poke about in the github repo for the code I have setup and let me know if you can nav around in it. I still have some code cleanup to do in there but you should be able to figure everything out. If you like what you see, I could definitely use some help. This is mostly just a side project to BukGet for me ;)
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    Released version 0.2.3. Simplified rsync support (for ramdisk environments) and fixed player listing for MC 1.4+ (tested on 1.5.1 vanilla and bukkit w/o issue). Please note that the configuration file has changed a little in 0.2.3.
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    Version 0.2.99 Is in PyPi. This version includes initial support for BukGet as well. you can now install plugins directly from the baskit console. I'm working on rewriting everything for a 0.3 release that will be a lot easier to manage in the long-run.
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