"clear gate" teleport plugin.

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    There are many teleport gate plugins out there how ever for my current purpose (An aperture science world) i need a gate plugin SIMILAR to Ancient Gates.

    It doesnt need permissions support, but does need to be OP only, i need to be able to set the gate to any shape/block. And of course link 1 gate to another gate.. The only problem i have with Ancient Gate is that it uses the portal blocks in the middle like a nether gate. Thats fine normally except for what im trying to do i need there to NOT be the nether portal blocks in the middle.

    The middle just needs to look "clear" and when you walk through the "seemingly" unactivated gate it actually teleports you to the gate its connected to.
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    I think Stargate is what you looking for.

    - using isOP() if no permissions plugin exists.
    - Custom Gate Layout
    - including block type of gate and portal (open and closed)
    - link two gates to each other

    The destination is shown on a sign placed on the gate.

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