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  1. i got a server called lavacraft and i need one of you to make me a plugin and ill check it
    make them related to lava
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  3. its a custom made class ranks plugin so its like [Lavaking] [Magmagician] [Burner]:[Name]
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    @kaizodude Why not just use a permissions system with groups?
  5. if you can make one custom class rank plugin i like i will make u ass. coowner on my server...
    whenever i can
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    @kaizodude What are you asking for that permissions plugins fail to offer?
  7. i dont like permissions

    go to

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    @kaizodude I will check it out later I am on a work computer with restricted access and I cannot access the webpage.
  9. ok
    but can u still make the plugin
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    @kaizodude Based on what you have told me you can just use permissions groups to accomplish what you want. Unless I am missing something?
  11. i just want it made like i want it its like makeing home made cookies you made them yourself instead of buying them
    and im not good at what i want ill send you a pic here look at where i said hi it says [Premium]:kaizodude i want ranks related to lava

    and btw thats not my server
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