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    So I need a class plugin for my server, and so far I only see heroes that is the most similar to what I want.
    I need a plugin, so the default rank is a Commoner. This is a hardcore real life multiplayer server.
    It's kind of like most other online games.
    So then when you reach lvl for a job you can become it. Like lvl 15 to become hunter, lvl 25 to become officer, lvl 8 to become a rogue, lvl 3 for merchant
    It descends like this:Everyone's a commoner at first then you choose one of the 4 jobs below
    hunter>mercenary>town guard>town offense>Protector
    merchant>trader>goods seller
    I tried editing from the Heroes.jar, I'm not sure if that's allowed... But yea I don't really get .class files, so I open the jar with winrar and edited the config files. Though it doesn't really seem to work ingame...
    I personally don't really get permissions and is looking for some tutorials about how permissions basically works...
    Anyone who does this will be broadcasted often on the server and you'll get an op rank on my server! =D

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    As long as i understand, you need someone who helps you (configuring heroes | editing the plugin, so it fits your needs)?
    Chose one of those two :D
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    They're the same thing. I need a helper who understand .class files and can fulfill my requirements. Are you the one to do that? Also, can I make the final thing private, so it's not released to public?
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    Well, i think, i understand .class-files, but i'm not fully aware of what you want me to do
    Just talk to me on Skype (Kostronor), that would be much easier than discussing it on the forums here ;)

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