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  1. Plugin Category: Roleplay

    Suggested Name: Class

    Version: 1.10

    What I need done: I am looking for a Classes plugin for my elemental server, I want to add classes into it so it could look neater, and so people dont get confused. I will put what commands I need done for the plugin below.

    If I did not list admin command, then anyone can use the command.

    What commands I need in it:

    /class create (name of the class) - (Admin command) a command used to create a class. When used, the plugin will create a class spawn point, saving the name and coordinates like a warp.

    /class start (name of the class) - (admin command) when this command is sent, I want it to say to the global chat "&b(Classname) Is starting! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW!". I want it so when they click they are placed in a list of people to be teleported to the class spawn point said above, but if this becomes too hard, you can just write "&b(Classname) Is starting do /class join (Classname to join now! (If you can, I want you to put a limit of 20 people per class.)

    /Class join (class name) (If the CLICK HERE to send them to the class is to hard you can use this) /class join (class name) will let the player teleport to the class spawn point set in /class create (Classname). If there is no classes going on when they type /class join (classname) it will say "&cThere is no classes going on, ask a professor about starting a class!"

    /Class leave (Only if the player is in a class) /class leave will teleport the player to where they where before they joined the class.

    /class remove (Admin command)- /class remove will kick a player from the class they are in, sending them back to where they where before the class started.

    /class mute (Class name) - (Admin command)- /class mute (Class name) will mute the class chat in the desired class specified.

    /class unmute (Class name) - (Admin command)- /class unmute (Classname) will unmute the class, allowing anyone to talk.

    /rh - /rh will say in class chat (Could you recommend any good Class chats I could use that could create global chat trade chat and class chat?)
    "&2(Player name) has raised there hand!"

    /point (player name)-(Admin command) /point will give (player name) access to talk.

    Ideas for permissions:
    /class create - class.create
    /class start - class.start
    /class remove - class.remove
    /class join - class.join
    /class leave - class.leave
    /class end - class.end
    (Im a bit confused with whats needed as permissions, if you need to add more permissions then listed above, you may do so)

    Time needed by- Any time by around ASAP Please, but no need to rush yourself.
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  2. If anyone has any different ideas on how to make a class system, please tell me how you would make it and if you have time to make it that way.
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