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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Mr_BelgiumGamer, Jun 10, 2017.

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  1. Plugin category: Roleplay

    Suggested name: Classes

    What I want: I am looking for a Classes plugin for my Harry Potter role-play server. My idea is pretty much to implement School classes into minecraft, for a more enjoyable role-play. Details for the commands will be listen below and a config to translate al the text and set broadcast because its a dutch server

    Ideas for commands:
    /class create (classname) - An admin command used to create a class. When used, the plugin will create a class point, saving the name and coordinates much like an essentials warp.

    /class start (classname) - When this command is issued, the specific class will start. When the player does the command /class join (more on it later), they get warped to the classroom the specific class was set in, join the 'class'. When this command is issued, also broadcasts "
    (classname) Class Is Starting! Do /class join!"

    /class end - Ends the current ongoing class

    /class join - Joins the current class. When joined, you are teleported to the class it was set in.If there is no ongoing class when the player does /class join, it messages the player "&cThere are no classes being held!"

    /class leave - Leaves the class you are in. IF you are not in a class, messages the player "&cYou are not in a class right now!"

    /class remove (classname) - An admin command to remove a class completely.

    Ideas for permissions:
    /class create - class.create
    /class start - class.start
    /class remove - class.remove
    /class join - class.join
    /class leave - class.leave
    /class end - class.end

    When I'd like it by: 2-3 weeks

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    I will take over this.
  3. Nice please don't forget to do a trans file so i can make it dutch :)
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    I won't ;)
  5. How long will it take?
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    Actually, I'm done. I tested it on my 1.11.2 server and it worked flawlessly. I have created a new Bukkit Dev project which is waiting to be approved by a moderator. It will be available here
    If you run into any errors, please let me know.
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    No, why?
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    thank you very much!!!!!!!! :D
  12. Can u ad /rh??? would be nice and that i can translate the player has raised their hand
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    I've just added it in. The new file "Classes v.1.1" is currently under review and should be downloadable soon. Also, please mark your thread as filled.

    Could you please explain to me in detail, what you would like the homework system to do? Also, I'm affraid that I do not have that much time to spend on plugin development at the moment.
  14. Max can u do that in a diffrent pl tho's homeworks because i don't want that.

    Btw thanks

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    Sure, thanks for the advice

    You're welcome ;)
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    Yes! of course, for example :
    I write a book . With a command, I give that book with instrutions to all the students. Afterwards, with a book and quill do their homework. Then, with a command,they give me that books and then with another command I grade their books ("A" for example of grade) and at the time of grading, books are returned with their qualification in the lore of the book.

    A+ ,A , B ,C ,D are the grades

    Sorry If my explication is bad :(
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    @Mr_BelgiumGamer I'm very sorry, but version 1.1 of the plugin is still under review. It should be available soon

    Thank you for the detailed explaination. I will start working on your request right away ;)
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    Thank you so much too!! :)

    I said "homework" , no!! Classwork!! jajajaja

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    What do you mean?
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    nothing, forget it C:
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