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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.13+

    Suggested name: Classes

    What I want: This is a plugin that I need for a Harry Potter themed server I am making :) .Basically my idea is a plugin that can create an automated or manual classes. I would like it so you can edit the prefix of the announcer and when a class starts a message comes up (configurable) announcing that a class is about to start and after 1 minute no one can join and a message comes up if you click the join after the minute (or whatever time) comes up saying that the class has already started. You join the class by /class join or by clicking the announce message in the chat which is configurable. You leave a class by /class leave. I would like it so everything is as configurable as possible. In the config a database of classes are made and you can go into them and select when a message is sent, how long until it is sent and the text in it. I would like it so you can only see the messages of the class if you are in it with /class start .EXAMPLE FOR AUTOMATIC CLASS (Class Database config):

    - #Class Name:
    - ‘Test’
    - #Time difference between Message Sends (Seconds):
    - 8
    - #Location to teleport player:
    - 148 4 270
    - #Text in first message and so on:
    - ‘Part 1 (1st message)’
    - ‘Part 2 (2nd message)’
    - ‘Part 3 (3rd message)’
    - ‘Part 4 (4th message)’
    - ‘Part 5 (5th message)’
    - ‘Part 6 (6th message)’
    - ‘Part 7 (7th message)’

    - #Class Name:
    - ‘Test’
    - #Location to teleport player:
    - 137 4 296

    Ideas for commands:

    (Class Use) - /class start <class name> - Starts a manual class (does not need

    (Auto Class) - /class autostart <class name> - Starts a automatic class

    (Class Use) - /class stop <class name> - Stops a manual/automatic class

    (Class Use) - /class create <class name> <manual/automatic> - creates a class at players location and if it is a manual or an automatic class if it is a manual then it does not need auto sending messages (look example manual config) if it is then it does need the example config above (non-manual).

    (Class Use) - /class remove <class name> - removes a class can be automatic/manual

    - /class help - Lists commands and info about the cmd’s

    (Class Use) - /class join - Makes player join the current active class and teleports them to the location of the class that was created with /class create
    they can also join a class by clicking the join message that is sent when /class start is sent (look in the big paragraph of what I would like it explains it there).

    (Class Use) - /class leave - Makes player leave the class and return to a section of coords (configurable) or the position that the player was at originally (configurable)

    Ideas for permissions:

    - class.start - permission to start a class
    - class.stop - permission to stop a class
    - class.create - permission to create a class manual/automatic
    - class.remove - permission to remove a class
    - - permission to list commands and info
    - class.all - permission to have all permissions in the plugin

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As Possible
    P.S. please make sure you can colour code it :)

    If nothing makes sense please say. Thanks, Camerode :)
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    Honestly something neat for roleplay, I hope someone makes this as I'm not aware one that works for 1.12+ if someone does please make it work for 1.12, I beg.
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    I have already seen it but one of the key features I would like is automated classes
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