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    Wolfpack Class Plugin Ideas

    I have an idea for a plugin for my server for classes. I was wondering if someone could make it for me and make this dream possible.
    Please comment with any suggestions or comments you may have...


    Class plugin where professor can select a classroom from a list of builds, select the name of the class from a list of possible subjects and then choose the number of students to be added into that class. (these classrooms and names have manually been added to the system with warp locations). This opens a chest inventory where they select the piece of wool labelled the classroom they want and then it switches to another chest inventory where they select the class type they want.

    The professor does /cannounce which is to announce a class and select the location, type of class and number of students.

    The game then announces this on a broadcast ie.

    Professor (name) has started the queue for (class type) class


    Students can then click on that message and it will say; “You have joined the class; please wait to be teleported”. The professor will then do /ctp which will teleport the professor to the class and start teleporting students to the class (once this is done students can no longer click the “join here” message and must ask to be manually added). It locks the class. Another message will pop up saying (class type) is now starting with Professor (name). Then name is shown so that students can message the professor to ask to join. The professor then does /helperadd [name] which adds a helper to the class. If a student wants to join they can do /cforceadd [name] and this will force add the student to the class.

    The professor then does /cs this starts the class officially. The class chat is defaultly muted so the professor a message pops up in the chat saying “The class has started; please wait patiently while the professor goes over the rules.” The professor can then go over the rules by copying them into a chat from a document they already have. The professor can then do /cm to mute/unmute the chat if they want a response. If they ask a question they need to do /allowhands to let students do /rh to raise their hand a message in class chat will say "(student) raises their hand”. If the professor wants to call on them they need to do /callon [name]. In the chat it will say “(professor name) calls on (student name)”. The professor can do /resethands which removes all raised hands to the default off position.

    Once the professor is ready to hand out the assignment they can do /givepaper to give a book and quill to all the students to write in. If they need to hand out an assignment they do /giveassignment. Students can then work on their assignments. Once the student is done they do /handin while holding their signed work. Once the work is handed in; it will be re-located to a chest inventory where the professor or helper can do /checkwork from here they can take out the work and grade it. The professor will receive a message saying “(studentname) has handed in their work”.

    The professor grades the work by doing holding the book and doing /grade (A,B,C,D,E,F). Once they do this the work is returned to the player and then the person who graded it does /kickc (playername) this kicks the player from class and gives them a cookie (currency). A message in chat will say to the student “Your work has been graded and returned for you - You have received 1 cookie” in the class chat it will just say "(student) left the class". The person when kicked from class returns back to the location they were in before they joined the class. When the person hovers over their book it should say;

    Graded by: (name)

    Result: (result)

    Other Student Commands:

    /cleave – this allows the player to leave the class and do back to their previous location before joining the class.

    /schedule – this command displays the class schedule for the next 3 classes with the class type and the countdown time.

    This will be displayed like:
    (class) starting in (hh/mm)

    (class) starting in (hh/mm)

    (class) starting in (hh/mm)

    /points – this command will pop up in chat with the 3 allegiances

    This will be displayed like:
    Jedi is on (points) points

    Sith is on (points) points

    GreyJedi is on (points) points

    Other Staff Commands:

    /kick [reason] – this command is used to kick students from the class. This can be used if they break rules and/or don’t do their work. In the class chat it will come up saying. (student) was sent outside (reason). In other words, this kick them from the class with no reward.

    /cdismiss – this command dismisses the class and rewards them all with 1 cookie and a message will say in chat “Class Dismissed”.

    /cend – this command ends the class and kicks everyone who is in it with no reward or anything.

    /gpoints Jedi (student name) (reason) – this command gives points to the selected allegiance and rewards them. A message in chat says "(professor) awarded 1 point to (student name) Jedi for (reason); this reason can be like “doing well in class etc.”

    /gpoints Sith (student name) (reason) – this command gives points to the selected allegiance and rewards them. A message in chat says "(professor) awarded 1 point to (student name) Sith for (reason); this reason can be like “doing well in class etc.”

    /gpoints (student name) GreyJedi (reason) – this command gives points to the selected allegiance and rewards them. A message in chat says "(professor) awarded 1 point to (student name) GreyJedi for (reason); this reason can be like “doing well in class etc.”

    /caddlocation - “class add location” and an interface pops up asking them to set location for the spawn point of the class and then name of that classroom (they can name this anything). This classroom will be added to the list that pops up when they start a class.

    We should be able to change/update that list.

    /caddtype – this is a command the allows you to enter the name of a class that are available for teaching. This class type will be added to the list that pops up when they start a class.

    We should be able to change/update that list.

    /schedule add (classname) (time in hh/mm) – this is a command staff use to add a class to the schedule. They just add the name of the class and the time till it starts.

    /schedule remove (classname) (time in hh/mm) – this removes a class from the timetable… The time is important so that you remove the correct class.

    Other Notes:

    All class chat should have a purple tag next to it called class. Once in a class; students can view all chat channels but only type in the class channel when it is unmuted. A purple chat prefix must be at the beginning of all messages as well as their own rank in class (professor, helper, padawan)

    This message should look like this when it is shown in the class chat. However, all the people in class have to do it type.

    [CLASS] (rank) (name) (message)

    Staff can talk in global and class chat by doing /ch c or /ch g to toggle the different chats. Students cannot do this.




    Feel free to contact me by replying to this comment!
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    I've noticed if that this plugin has not gotten any responses... I was wondering if that was because it was too difficult to make? If so if someone is interested on making it we can work together to make it more easier to make...

    - Jedi
  3. This is very.. big.. and complex..
    Its interesting, because i maybe write something similar to this as an Plugin request..
    But this.. is very heavy..
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    Thankyou for your reply... so I figured this was very advanced but I was speaking to someone before and they said it wasn't that complicated and that I just needed to reword a bit. So I will sum it up here...
    Basically I am after a plugin that lets you choose a classroom and class type from a pop up GUI menu and then announce to begin a class via a broadcast. I'm hoping a pop up message will say click here to join. Then I do a command to start people joining the class and getting teleported. And then there are extra commands where you can add late students and helpers to the class. Then there are the mute/unmute of chat as well as raising hands and turning in your work to be marked. Then the professor and Helper can open another menu to gain access to handed in assignments, grade them and then kick the player. Forgot the other stuff as urban may make it too hard but that's basically what I'm after.

    Hopefully that summed it up and made it simpler!

    - Jedi
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