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    Class 404

    - Class 404 -

    Hello everybody !
    I'm Zach and I am proud to present you Class 404.

    **What is Class 404 ?**
    Class 404 is a new group of developers who like to meet new people and work together on projects.

    **What kind of projects will we be making ??**

    We'll be making all kinds of projects like game mods,applications,...
    You name it we build it.

    **Is there a team yet??**

    No,there is no team yet but we're recruiting since today to found new people to interact with and build new projects with.

    **What are the most important rules??**

    - Be nice to everybody
    - Willing to work hard
    - Willing to work in a team
    - Willing to listen to the project leader
    - Willing to spend time on the projects.

    - Do not steal concepts.
    **- We are looking for -**

    - Game developers
    - Game designers
    - Lead game developers
    - Game artists
    - Recruiters
    - Concept Directors
    - Art directors
    - Web developers
    - Lead web developers
    - Administrators


    **How can I join ?**

    In order to join please send us an email with your motivation.
    We will reply as soon as we can.

    **Got any questions left ?**

    If you got any questions left you can leave comment down below or send us an email.

    email - class404@hotmail.com


    Kind Regards,

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