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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by SkyJake, Jul 21, 2014.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Huntfishplay Please don't capitalize every world. And please stay on topic here
  2. Great plugin idea! Hope it comes out soon :D When about would you think it might come out crolemol ?

    I am asking, because I an admin on a recently developed Clash of Clans in Minecraft server. We have a sufficient database of players (about 1300, according to /balancetop) and we would be ecstatic if you were in favor of partnering up as our developer, you would obtain rank [Dev] and all the VIP features in our server. Any other participants in the making of this plugin would also get Dev if you so choose.

    Hoping to be working with you soon,

    Kind Regards,
    battlefield3_LTW (Owner)

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  4. timtower Yes, I understand, but I feel it is a great way of showing my appreciation towards you guys! Maybe I can have an auto broadcaster to a list of the team that developed it and selected links? You guys are all just awesome! I am just trying to show my appreciation ;) all
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  6. timtower I would like to tell and show you what I have been working on on my server, but I do not know a way of telling you :p Mine is a clash of clans server
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    Sorry but I am not going to support your developer team. i am to busy with this plugin. but I like to check your server out and give you some help and ideas.

    Ps I code this plugin myself so it is a lot of work
  8. crolemol I am glad to see you are still doing it. I will say again if you need help just make a GitHub I would be happy to help. I get why you may not and if you don't want to that's fine.
  9. crolemol So you would not like to join up servers? Because you would not have to setup the server or start off with no players

    Oh no! You dont have to support my developer team and code with them (if that is what you are meaning), we could just ask of you to send it to us, and we will give you the rank developer and all the commands of a VIP person. In doing this, you will start out with a load of players? Can we pm each other and discuss about it? Or do you understand already?

    Are you going to host your own server?
    Im not too sure what you feel, and what you are thinking :p

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    There is already a github. feel free to make pull requests. didn't upload the code for a while s if you want to say me and I will reupload. Just want to make it completly public so is there another way of easy sharing code private?

    I get it now. I think when the plugin is done I will keep it for a private server for a month for ultimate testing and then make it public

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  11. crolemol Ok, what is the GitHub? And I can help you test it.
  12. crolemol Ok, but are you sure you would not like us, the ClashCraft Network, a professional server company, to help you in your testing, all of our staff members would gladly accept you!
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    believe me there were just a few people before you with the exact some sentence. Maybe, some day when it is finished I will make a decision
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    crolemol Kejp Iht Koin! I Already quit ;)
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    Is this plugin still in progress? May i could join the test server? :) crolemol
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    Work is still in progress. Beta version soon
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    @crolemol I have 1 question. Will I be getting a copy of this plugin because I suggested the idea?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @SkyJake Everybody should be able to download it when it is done...
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    when it is done I was thinking of uploading it to bukkit dev but they don't accept any plugin anymore so I will maybe upload it to spigot are somewhere else. just looking for the best way
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @crolemol That was fixed weeks ago. They are accepting plugins just fine.
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    ow ok :D
    I am happy to hear that bukkit is not death
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    well you know that with citizens, you cant really train them, and that would only be for training troops, but how could you let those npcs handle an archer tower? npcs cant, and citizens doesnt add buildings, i think i know what he wants, like: /coc Build {name of building} that builds the building but you need the right townhall lvl for it and resources, and training is in barracks, and maybe a API to attack or scout players? and for upgrade, just like the game, elixer towers give elixer mines give gold and idk maybe a donationbutton for gems? and why is everybody talking about minecraft accounts? 1 babarian skin for 20 barbarians is enough, and if im right, the plugin maker could add textures of those npcs into the plugin, and those textures could easaly be created, so this plugin is make able and if im right it wouldnt be to hard, im not a dev but i know some people who are, hopefully this explains a lot cuz i know what this guys idea is and its great

    nvm i just realised how old this actually was xD didnt see the 6 pages sorry xD

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    Ok @crolemol thanks for letting me know.

    Also I don't think you should really make it public or everyone will say that they coded it themselves and take all the credit. But either way works fine with me
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    Whatever is said here, stays here. I doubt anyone is going to say they custom coded it when someone can just search up "Clash of Clans plugin".
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @SkyJake Privage plugins aren't allowed though.
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    @crolemol any idea of when this plugin will be done? I know its pretty big, but its been quite awhile.
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    I don't think many people claim public plugins to be custom.
    Just from what I've seen
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    I don't know... beta release is coming soon but the raiding part is broken in 1.8 so I have to wait until lenis updates his npcfactory lib and for clans I have to wait until somebody is finally updating the inputguiAPI in the resource section... but I don't think somebody is going to do that...

    there was also a break of 14 days this month because of exams but now I am back :D

    I don't now...
    they can decompile the plugin very easy and their "custum" plugin is ready in a month.
    I am also looking for a way to encrypt my stored data because it is very unstable.

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