Clash of Clans minecraft edition (server) (need developer)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by RainoBoy97, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Me and a friend had this awesome idea, but we need 1 or 2 dedicated developers (including myself) for this server project.

    The main idea is to recreate the popular iOS and Andriod game called "Clash of Clans". If you havent heard about it, look it up on the wonderful internet!
    Basically, we need someone to cooperate with us on this project, mainly a mature person.

    If you want to join and be dedicated to this project, use the application form or send me a PM so we can talk :)
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    Sorry for another bump.. :c (updated title)

    We really would like another developer to join us on our project :)
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    Clash of clans in Never would of though. Lol, say this: That sounds unique.
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    sounds like developed factions with raiding.
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    Naaah! Much more complex :)
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    i think elixer is a bit to complex, so like this
    i cannot code it, but i can host
    • people can either create their own clan, or be invited to another persons clan. This would INTEGRATE WITH FACTIONS
    • your plot has in the centre a bedrock thing
    • people can mine resources in a world and trade them for cash
    • cash is stored in cash stores
    • cash can be used to buy canons and stuff like that
    • you can attack other villages with a command with zombie spawn eggs and if your zombies reach the bedrock thing you win (you have a limited time)
    • you can also steal gold and get trophies for winning
    • the village you attacked rebuilds
    all commands start with /c
    create clanname - creates a new clan
    invite playername - invites the specified player to your clan
    accept - joins the clan that you've been invited to (can only be in one clan at a time)
    battle - battles a random clan that has vaguely the same amount of stuff as you
    battle cancle - cancle the battle and give one trophy to the other clan

    you buy defences with gold, and you can buy a gold storage/mine with gold (this is actual gold ore)
    you upgrade your troops and stuff with iron
    gold storage/mine - sponge - stores your clan's gold and gives you gold (configurable)
    troops storer - monster spawner - stores 5 zombies for attacking other people
    canon - endstone - shoots tnt to the zombies
    heavy artillary - dragon egg - shoots 4 tnt to the zombies at half the rate of the canon

    Your only troops are zombies. 5 per monster spawner. They are auto placed on the outskirts of the village you are attacking and will attack what's closest to them. It takes 1 zombie a configurable amount of time to destroy each block and get the gold or nothing (but get closer to the bedrock thing).

    When you lose you give one trophy, and when you win you gain one.
  7. I'm not too experienced with Java but I would be willing to help.
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