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    Plugin category: Chat Related, General, Mechanics, Role Playing

    Minecraft version: Craftbukkit 1.8.8

    Suggested name: ClansEx

    What I want: I'd like a Clans Plugin that uses PEX Suffixes to show the clan name shortcut in chat (prefix-format: " &8| %clancolor%%clan-shortcut%"). Also i'd like if the plugin could be enabled/disabled in specified worlds :)

    Ideas for commands:
    /clan /clans /clan help /clans help - To show a help page with all commands of the plugin

    /clan create <clan-name> <clan-name-shortcut> - To create a Clan (max name lenght: 15 , max name-shortcut lenght: 5)

    /clan delete <clan-name/clan-name-shortcut> - To delete a clan

    /clan list /clans list - To list all clans on the server

    /clan color <color> - To set the color of the clan and to show the aviable colors if executed wrong

    /clan invite <playername> - To invite someone in a (owned) clan

    /clan kick <playername> - To kick someone out of a (owned) clan

    /clan chat <message> - To write a Message into the clan chat (clan chat format: &6[%clancolor%%clan-shortcut%&6]
    %player%&8: &7<message>)

    /clan chat toggle /cct - To toggle the clan chat

    /clan addadmin <playername> to promote a clan member to an clan admin

    /clan deladmin <playername> to demote a clan admin

    Ideas for permissions:

    clans.use - To use all commands exept you cant delete the clan of someone else with /clan delete and you cant add/del admins from other clans

    clans.admin - To use all commands and be able to delete unowned clans and to add/del admins from other clans

    Ideas for placeholders:

    %player% - Shows the playername without

    %clan-name% - for the full clan name

    %clan-shortcut% - for the shortcut name of the clan

    %prefix% - For the prefix of the Plugin messages (format: "&7[&6Clans&7] &r")

    %clancolor% - For the clan color

    When I'd like it by: I dont mind, take your time :)
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    Hey, I think it'd be best if you looked at the stickied thread at the top of this forum and used that as a general guideline to request a plugin. It helps us to help you. Thanks
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    i edited it, is it better like this? :)
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    Much better like this! Thanks for the clarification
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