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    Plugin category: Clans

    Suggested name: Clan GUI

    What I want:
    Before I start, I'd like to say that although there are many clan plugins out there (such as SimpleClans) i'd like to make one that's more user friendly. This plugin will allow players to manage their clans and create and invite other players.

    The difference between other clan plugins and this, is that once you have your clan created and have invited friends, you can use the command /clan and check whos in your clan. This /clan command will open up a GUI that shows the players' heads who are in the clan, along with the title of the GUI to have the name of the clan. Each clan has a maximum of 5 players. To create your clan, type /clan create {Clan Name}. For example, in this picture I would have typed /clan create TheDumbBros. To invite friends you type /clan invite {player}
    Once in the clan, you can click on each player's head, and in the configuration.txt you can configure a command that is run by the player. For example, I'm going to use this along with a skyblock plugin to make it so you can visit your friends islands.

    To leave a clan, type /clan leave. To disband your clan as the owner, type /clan disband. To kick players as the owner, type /clan kick {PlayerName}. To check which clan a player is in, type /clan check {playername}

    Ideas for commands:
    /clan create {ClanName} - Create clan
    /clan invite {PlayerName} - Invite players
    /clan kick {PlayerName} - Kick players
    /clan - Open up Clan GUI
    /clan check {PlayerName} - Check which clan a player is in

    Ideas for permissions:
    clan.create - permission to create clan
    clan.invite - permission to invite players to your clan
    clan.clan - go to GUI
    clan.check - check player's clan

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible :D
    EDIT: Why was this thread moved to alternatives?
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