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    Hey guys so me and a few of my plugin devs are making a city plugin and we are looking for some more ideas, so I'm here to ask what you think you would like to add to towny since it's the closest thing,
    Some ideas we have made
    • Custom plots
    • Validations
    • City founder,city owner, and city mod positions
    • Claimable chunks instead of typing in the space you want
    • Private protections where mods have to add you to the plots
    I'd show the whole list but I don't want you to steal :p
    Thanks guys ~BMX
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    • Protection against destruction via entity such as explosion (and an option to turn it off)
    • Maybe entry restriction
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    I always wanted a city plugin with the following outline.

    1. When people join they have basic permissions(can't interact with shops/specefic plugins, building/breaking blocks/interaction withing areas such as towns until a requirement is met like buying a plot within in that area or paying a currency/item fee).
    2. They can build/destroy/farm in wilderness areas but not in specefic areas until requirement is met as above stated.
    3. Within cities/defined areas admins can create mines/farms/tasks which will reset after a given timer+warning. (residence/people can also create their own shops on their plots within the city)
    3.a mine=people mine blocks and can trade them in for currency.(or just a block/blocks which don't drop anything and auto regen but each time that person gets currency for the deed.
    3.b farm=people can hoe soil, break wheat/melons/pumpkins/etc (no drops) but get again just currency for it.
    3.c lumber mill=breaking logs/trees withe same idea as the mine/farm.
    3.c2 killing animals on a farm that will be replaced with another one spawning.
    3.d jobs=custom defined, like x shop keeper requires sugarcan, deliver x amount of item to x person/chest, etc.
    3.e monster hunter/killer/etc. anything u can think of adding.

    When admins define the size/plot of the city, the plugin will have several themes/civilazion schematics that will have a wall/gates/plots/npc characters/that will be regenerated for that city.
    All transactions/selling/buying will be taxed and sent to that cities a money pool to build the city/progressifly such as in the begining there are just a house/shop and at the end there is walls/guard towers/castle/farms/shops/etc.

    And when a wall is destroyed/buildings damaged/burned down, after a set timer and if the city has enough funds they will be repaired (except user build buildings unless they paid insurance), also priotize it such as users plots first then shops down to finally like fountains,etc which are less important.

    People of a city/area can declare war/peace/neutral/alliance/etc to other cities.
    When a war is declared you can create a item/blocks within a city centre that generates during this time or something down this line and if the opposing people of the other city destroy it they win the war.
    After the war is over the loosing city pays 30%(defined) more taxes which goes to the other city/people divided between them (spoils of war).
    Trading between cities based on the distance between the gives bonus currency/etc.
    If no one in a given city is online(perhaps a %) that city can't be attacked.

    From here you can just keep adding features to make it more intergrated/interesting, grab some ideas concepts from single player games such as "age of empires, sins of the solar empire, civilizations, simcity, etc."
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    What do you mean entry restriction? and we are gonna have all cities to be protected from explosives and stuff
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    Like give the option to deny access to the city, or certain parts of the city, unless they are a certain group and/or part of the city
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    Hmm great idea! Thanks
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    Expanding on the access restriction, also maybe have like groups/ranks inside the city for the city members, and have specific areas available to specific ranks/groups of that city
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    We have Founder, Owner, and Mod, and of course citizen
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    No i mean like city ranks, like of course you would have your mayor, and a few other political ranks, maybe some jobs in the city as well, maybe find a way to hook into a job's plugin
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    We have validations which unlock classes or other chunks

    Also I'm thinking up a pirate class what else can he do besides buy boats? Thats to simple

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