Citizens-style Item Traders

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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: NPC Item Trader

    What I want: I am using Citizens for my NPCs on my server and it's amazing. The only problem is that the trader plugins that hook into it (DtlTrader) only run off of virtual economies, and I'd like to base my server's economy around actual emeralds. Players must have their actual currency on hand and if they die, they can drop it. However, there is no addon plugin for Citizens that currently supports ITEM trading with NPCs. What I want is a plugin that a "character"/"trait" for Citizens that makes an NPC that can do item trades. For example, trading one emerald for 10 carrots.

    Ideas for commands: Upon right-clicking the NPC, you can type /itemtrade 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on which "deal" you'd like. For instance, the NPC says:

    "Hey there, I have
    1. 10 carrots for 1 emerald"

    The player would type /itemtrade 1 and it would do the trade once. You could even code /itemtrade (deal number) (amount of times) if you wanted to so that /itemtrade 3 10 would do the 3rd deal 10 times.

    Ideas for permissions: npc.itemtrade.createnpc

    When I'd like it by: Whenever.

    **The reason I'd like it hooked in with Citizens is because then I could have that NPC also have waypoints so that I can make mobile traders or such. If this is not possible, I'd be totally fine with a plugin that creates an NPC apart from Citizens that serves this same purpose. They just wouldn't be able to have Citizens traits like Sentry, which makes them mobile/attack hostiles.**

    Here is a link to the page of Citizens traits or "characters" that are available.

    If nobody is familiar with Citizens and wants to help, I wouldn't mind just a simple NPC plugin that allows you to create a very basic NPC that serves this function.

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    Last bump before I give up... Does anyone know of a plugin that already does this?

    It's a simple idea, really: NPCs who trade ITEMS with players, not thru an economy plugin.
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    Yeah, I've seen that before, but I don't want an economy plugin at all. With Gringotts, the players will deposit their emeralds into a bank and the trade would function how it would with a normal economy plugin: buying/selling for a virtual credit and not actual physical emeralds. We want our users to have to keep their emeralds on hand in order to buy something. Get what I mean?

    Also, it's a medieval-fantasy setting so the idea of banking and credit is very out-of-place :(
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    GROMkill No bumping a poste right after its been posted :p
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    I see you cannot tell time.
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    You can configure Gringotts to use only items currently in player inventory.
    Other than that, probably Shopkeepers will do what you want very nicely.

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