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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Windwaker, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Please note - CitiSkins will not be at production level until the release of Citizens 2.0


    CitiSkins is a module for the popular Citizens Bukkit plugin which add NPC functionality to Minecraft Multiplayer. With the use of CitiSkins and the aid of SpoutPlugin you can add capes as well as skins to any NPCs while maintaining the NPC's name.

    CitiSkins is open-source | Report an issue


    • CitiSkins requires SpoutPlugin and Citizens to run. You can download the latest recommended build of SpoutPlugin
    • This requires the Spoutcraft client mod to view skins and capes, but not to join the server (Download here)
    • Drag and drop Spout into your plugins directory
    • Drag and drop Citizens into your plugins directory
    • Drag and drop CitiSkins into your plugin directory
    • Start the server

    • Commands
      • /citiskins | Shows version and author of plugin.
      • /citikins skin apply <url> | Gives your selected NPC a skin from the URL.
      • /citikins skin remove | Resets your selected NPCs skin.
      • /citiskins cape apply <url> | Gives your selected NPC a cape from the URL.
      • /citiskins cape remove | Give your selected NPC a cape from the URL.
    • Permissions
      • <code>citiskins.*</code> | Gives complete access to CitiSkins commands.
      • <code></code> | Gives access to apply NPC skins.
      • <code></code> | Gives access to remove NPC skins.
      • <code>citiskins.cape.apply</code> | Gives access to apply NPC capes.
      • <code>citiskins.cape.remove</code> | Gives access to remove NPC capes.



    CitiSkins is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License v3
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    How to download?..
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    It is not available for download yet because Citizens 2.0 has not been released yet.
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    wheres download? :D i need this quikly or my server dies!!!!!
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    That's really great if we will can add skins to pnj's on Citizens, but the only problem is Spout...
    Is it forced to create a plugin which will work with Spout ? Because this luncher is unstable (FPS) compared to the original Minecraft.
    To more, some players will not want download spout...

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    Hello Plekx. With this mod, all you need is spout (not spoutcraft, the plugin called spout). Install that on your sever and the plugin will work fine for everyone. However, it won't work 'truley' unless the user has spoutcraft installed. If someone does not have spoutcraft installed, the citizens will be the default skin. If they do, they will have the custom citiskin.

    All spout mods I've seen work like this. No one needs the client to play on a server with a spout plugin but they need to tovisually see or hear new content.
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    Ok thx, but if they have install spout but they play with minecraft, they will not see the skins ? They must lunche the game with spoutcraft.
    Because I will want create a luncher for my server, so i don't know if this will work.
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    Hey, Is this still being worked on? Because Citizens 2 just recently came out officially. It would be awesome to have.
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    go on man, citizens 2 is still out ;)
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    Unfortunately, I'm too occupied with Spout nowadays and don't really have time for this :/
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