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    Plugin category: FUN

    Minecraft version: 1.14.3

    Suggested name: Chunks

    What I want: I'm sorry in advance if its hard to get what I'm about to explain but its a whole new idea for a plugin. So I was playing a survival world and decided to challenge myself to a only be able to break or gather materials from that one chunk of land. Because of course one chunk wont have enough items to have fun with the challenge. So I set up a chest of essentials that I would need; lava bucket, ice blocks, plant seeds/ 2 saplings, 2 spawns eggs for cow/chicken/sheep/pig, stack of glass(not nearly enough sand for aesthetic builds. So with all those I was off to work with only one chunk of the world. It was suck much fun I want to have someone make a plugin for it.
    So what I want for it. Similar function of a skyblock plugin, with picking a difficulty when picking their chunks, I want to be able to custom make chunks for players to play in. They can only stay within the 16x16 region, however mobs from the outside are able to enter. Also I want to give the similar "starter chests" to players, when the begin a new chunk.

    Ideas for commands: use /chunk as main command to start menu or bring up GUI
    use /chunk invite [player]
    use /chunk accept/reject
    I could list them all but it's gonna just be similar to every skyblock command.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible would be very nice.

    Thank you guys for looking at my plugin, I hope you think its as cool as I do!

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    Do you want this to work with more than 1 player or just yourself?

    If you want multiple players, do you want to have them all in the same world, or all in different worlds, allowing for expansion (performance decrease)
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    I want it to have the ability to invite players to play on their chunk with them. Also probably the same world, similar to how skyblock spawns you in the same world. @CraftCreeper6
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    If that IS what you meant, I've completed the plugin. I took a liking to the concept of it and decided it would be a fun challenge.

    I've never undertaken anything like this before and to do it in under 3 days suggests that either it's a terrible plugin, or I'm a speedy programmer. Either way, I digress.

    Here's the link to the project, I recommend you read the whole page and really understand everything, there's a lot of things that you can configure, and they're difficult to understand unless you read the page.


    18/07/2019 22:58 The project is awaiting approval. Should be good to go tomorrow.
    EDIT: 19/07/2019 10:44 Project approved & File moderation has begun.
    EDIT: Everything is approved.

    I very much took it into my own hands, what with the OP not being active and me being very eager to finish it, let me know if I went too far, or not far enough!

    I mentioned you in the project, too.
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