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    Land Protection at its bare simplicity. I am no coder and a noob with permissions and plugins, so I'm requesting a simple land protection that goes by chunks. That stops all of the confusing permissions and clicking here with one item then somewhere else with another than typing a command that they never told you what it was. Maybe I'm just an extreme noob, but a plugin with one command, /chunkprotect, that protects your current chunk, or /chunkprotect <player> to give a chunk to a player. Op only, no other permissions, and could be compatible with economy plugins.

    Extreme Noob
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    There used to be a plugin for it long ago, guess it stopped being updated.

    Just use bananaregion it REALLY doesn't get easier than that.
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    Good idea for a plugin, tough it is a bit of work...
    Needs some data writers etc, which i am not able to do right now since im going to bed soon.
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    towny is a chunk protection plugin...

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