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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TravelerJay, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: ChunkProtection

    What I want: I’m looking for/asking for a plug-in that adds a block protection to a specific chunk selected. How it would would work is that there are 3 levels of chunk protection, level 1 (a players needs to break a any block in that chunk 10 times before it goes away), level 2 (50 times), level 3 (100 times), this would also stop all other players from placing any blocks on the land/chunk. Theses would all be able to be purchased by the player by running the command “/buy lv1” or “/buy lv2” or “/buy lv3” you would only be able to run the commands if you had the right amount of a certain resource in your inventory, if you didn’t then it would say what you were missing and how much of the resource you were missing. There would also be able to set the owner of the claimed land by doing “/set owner (username)”, this would change the current owner of the land to the one specified in the command, if you didn’t own any land than you would get an error message saying that you didn’t own any land. Another command would be “/land add (username”, this would let you add people to the land you claimed, they would be able to place blocks and destroy them freely, owners would only be able to use this command, you would also get an error message if you were not the owner of the land or if you didn’t own any land depending on which is true, also the person who you specified in the command would receive a message in chat saying that you have invited them to join their land and you would have to accept the message before you are joined onto their land. Another command would be “/land kick (username)”, this would remove people from the land and would have the same limitations and messages from the command above but no message saying that they need to accept. The last command I thin would be “/land leave (username[optional])”, this would just remove you from the current land you are apart of and if you are the owner and you do that you would also type in a username to specify the new owner of all the land. I would also like to see a configuration file that would allow you to change the prices/resource cost and amount for purchasing the chunk/land protection and how many times you need to break the blocks. The file would also let you edit the error messages as well. If you have any questions ask then please ask them so you fully understand how I would like this plugin to work. (yes I know I’m basically asking for a full on plugin that no one is going to make, if you want to try good luck and have fun and have a great day)

    Ideas for commands:
    /buy lv1 "buys level 1 chunk protection"
    /buy lv2 "buys level 2 chunk protection"
    /buy lv3 "buys level 3 chunk protection"
    “Only works if the player has enough resources in their inventory for that purchase/command”
    /land add (username) "adds a new player to that land/chunk area, only owner of land/chunk can use"
    /land kick (username) "kicks player from the land/chunk area, only owner of land/chunk can use"
    /set owner (username) "sets new owner for land"
    “Theses commands are only allowed to be used by the current owner of the land”
    /land leave (username[optional]) "leaves land/chunk group and sets new owner if owner is left"

    Idea for permissions: non

    Whenever I do like it by: anytime you can
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    I will code your request
    Can you please explain a little more what you want with blocks breaking ?
    The protection goes away when the number of blocks break in the chunk is over 10, 50 or 100, depending on the protection level ?
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