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    Plugin category: Website Adminastartion

    Suggested name: Chrome Status

    What I want: I'd like there to be a chrome extension that shows the players on a server, and if it's online. I would also like if it could be locked into one server.
    Two more things that would be nice (i don't need them), but complex is a chat box built into the extension, and when a friend join the server sends an alert when a friend joins the website.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /chrome link (code) -- If you implemented the chat feature you would get a code from the browser and then type it in to chat with your username.
    • /chrome friend (username) -- If you have linked chrome you can friend a player and get notifed when they join the server.
    • /chrome unfriend (username) -- Unfriends player

    Ideas for permissions: chrome.canchat. Set it to false if they can't chat from chrome.
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    Doesnt seem to be fit here, as it more of requests a web browser plugin rather than a bukkit plugin. Locked.
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