Christmas Plugin!! :)

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  1. Plugin category: ADMN/FUN

    Suggested name: Christmas

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that changes the biome that the sender is currently in, into a snow biome. Basically covering it in snow, and whenever it rains, making it snow! :)

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs! <---

    Ideas for commands: /christmas

    Ideas for permissions: christmas.change

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday. (<--- Like a baus)
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    When I'd like it by: Yesterday. (<--- Like a baus)
    Done a few months ago. Search up Christmas plugin, <-- Like a failure. Chiste!, still done a few months ago however, try to search before you request,
  3. Link Me please..? I can't find one with these features, :(
  4. I can't find any thing either
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    Its out there, I have it from Last year at christmas, it was an Excellent Mod, one of the best. it is called the "Christmas Plugin" and its for bukkit. UNFORTANTLY, it will not work with the newest version of minecraft, and im not sure how many versions you would need to go back to use it. The Modder who created it never updated. It is sadly a Dead plugin. I hope someone takes it on as a project to revive it.

    heres a link to an Old Video.
  6. Yeah i remember that. I watched a review by WoopaGaming once and i thought it was great but then REMOVED.
    So now i'm on the hunt for others but now its already Christmas.

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