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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ValBGaming, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Well -- The ChopTree plugin dev seems to be missing -- And has been for awhile now...

    So I was pretty much wondering if any dev's would be able to either take over the plugin or just keep it working/updated until/if the dev get's back?

    It would be greatly appreciated, ChopTree is just too useful to lose... Currently it's broken though, since it's for build #818.
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    I second this request.
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    Third. This is a great plugin, and it takes a bunch of stress of removing treetops every day.
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    Same here
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    I could try to keep this update for you, no promises though, still learning how to update plugins. And I probably wouldn't be able to add new features seeing as I don't know his coding. I could try but chances are I'd end up telling you I can't do it.

    Apologise to everybody in here, I downloaded the source code and started updating when I ran into a few problems. Some files in the mcMMO have been removed and I couldn't hook into them anymore, also couldn't find the previous Permissions that the original dev hooked into.
    Sorry guys :(

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    I sent ValBGaming a link to the version I am working with... not that I know all the inner workings of McMMo but slapping this plugin into working order again seemed to be easy enough.

    I've removed the deprecated bukkit method calls and removed the dead mcmmo methods. A few similar methods were available but not all. I tested it out in a private server with latest McMMO and GroupManager with fakepermissions. It seems to work ok? But then I duno how it used to work. I guess if anyone wants to test it out. I cant promise anything though.
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    Good work! :) I was afraid if I removed any of the methods I'd mess it up
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    Just curious, have you tested it yet. Val says it doesnt work for him. What was the plugin suppose to do. I assumed it was to drop the whole tree and give experience based on all the logs it dropped. Which is what it seems to do when I tested the recompiled version I made.
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    @Arcwolf I haven't tested it sorry, been busy trying to add features into my plugin :p but it might be because you used a different permissions hooks? And ya I think that ChopTree was supposed to break all logs in the tree, or when you destroy a block the log above it drops down. That was configurable I believe
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    No, Val forgot to add his permissions nodes for the plugin. So he didnt have permissions to use it, he <facepalm> so I feel better now lol
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    Simple yet very easy thing too overlook :p like registering events.. I suck at remembering to do that lol

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