Chicken Wars (Minigame)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by BuckitWorker, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: ChickenWars

    What I want: I am very excited to be explaining this plugin and hope someone takes this up!

    This is a game in which the main goal is to kill the opposing chicken team. Different classes are available, such as Gunner, Pilot, and Pecker.

    Join a game by typing /cw join or click a sign that has [CW] on it. Doing this command will send you to the nearest open games lobby. In lobby, typing /cw team (blue/red) will join that team. Names above the players will be that of their team.
    To create an arena, you use world edit to select it. When selected, typing "/cw admin create" will create an arena. If you leave the area in which the arena was selected, you start taking damage until you die or return to the arena. Typing /cw admin setspawnpoint arena (arena#) (teamcolor) will set the spawnpoint of that team color in that arena. Typing /cw admin setspawnpoint lobby (arena#) will set the spawnpoint of that arenas lobby.
    ***Note: All classes can spam space bar to jump up to 5 times, jumping 2 blocks per jump.

    ***Note: Experience bar goes to maximum of 100 levels, but can be upgraded.

    Wood Sword named &f&LEgg Barrage &7(Right-Click) (Item is unbreakable)
    Full Leather Armor (Items are unbreakable)
    Right clicking with the sword will launch out a barrage of eggs. Experience bar fills up by 5 levels per second, and each second of egg barrage (5 eggs) costs 10 levels. Eggs deal 0.5 damage per hit and no knockback.

    Gold nugget named &e&lBeak &7(Right Click) with sharpness 1
    16 eggs
    Right clicking with the beak will launch you forward 3 blocks, dealing 2 hearts of damage to whoever you run into. Peck costs 25 levels per hit. Exp bar fills up by 5 levels per second.

    Feather named &f&lChicken Missile &7(Right-Click)
    16 eggs
    Allows infinite mid-air jumps, but only goes up 1 block per jump. When right clicking with the feather, you launch out a baby chicken on a crash course in the direction you fired. The baby chicken will travel at 5 blocks per second, trailing broken egg particles. When the chicken makes contact with the ground or a player, it will explode, sending all blocks flying with low velocity. The blocks get auto-replaced after 5 seconds. If a player is hit, this deals 5 hearts of damage. Exp bar charges at 5 levels a second and requires 100 levels to use.
    Ideas for commands:

    /cw join
    /cw team (team)
    /cw admin create
    /cw admin setspawnpoint arena (arena#) (team)
    /cw admin setspawnpoint lobby (arena#)

    Ideas for permissions:
    cw.maxexp.(number) - changes maximum possible exp gain for user or group.
    cw.admin - gives admin permissions
    All player permissions are given to default, not requiring permission.

    When I'd like it by: 7/20/15
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    Great job explaining the idea of the plugin! I'm not a very good coder, so I couldn't make this for you, but I would definitely like to see something like this happen!

    Full support!
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    Thank you :) I really do hope someone is kind enough to make this happen!
  4. If i had time to make it, i would help you. But i have no time at the moment, sorry. Maybe another time.
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    Ok, please tell me when you have the time!
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    @BuckitWorker Very interesting idea, I really like making fun / minigame plugins so I'll try it. I don't know if I get it done for 7/20, but I'll see.

    EDIT: How would people select their class? /cw class (class) or something?
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    Thank you so much! Yes, that seems like a good idea.
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    @BuckitWorker A few more questions. When would the game start? After a specfic time limit? Is there a limit for how many players there are in a game and how would we set that?
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    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner: Game would start once minimum players required is met, which would be 10, 5 on each team. Maximum is 16 players, 8 on each team. If one team is unevenly split, such as if 9 players want to be on blue with 7 on red, a player would automatically be switched to red team.

    Contact me and fill me in on your progress!
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    How far into the plugin are you? I would appreciate a response!

    (Edit) I could not merge posts sorry Tim :/
    EDIT by Tim: it wasn't within 24 hours so not needed this time.
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    Bump. Could really use this plugin. Please reply.
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    I'll give it a shot. I'll have a result by soon or no result at all. :cool: Also what version of MC do you want it to work with?
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    @BuckitWorker maybe put a config for the classes so you can customize ? just suggesting XD

    Oh and a game not so much based round chickens is the TF2 plugin!
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  15. This looks a lot like the Mineplex Chicken class :p
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    Thank you very much ;) Do you suppose you may take it up? I would appreciate it GREATLY!

    I work with 1.8.7 thanks !

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