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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by chad53105, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Plus anvils....

    So here is the scenario. I created an item via RPG Items and bound it to a gold axe. I then placed it in a chest and put a shop sign above it. However, it will not sell it. So I tried a simple rename via an anvil and placed that in the chest with the same result. I could not sell it either. Lastly, I placed a normal gold axe in the chest and had a player buy it, worked like a champ. So, I know the plugin works. But how do I sell these special items? Is it possible? Do I need to change my chest plugin? I would hate to because I have been using chest shop for what it seems as years now.

    12 hour bump. Has no one heard of this?

    Found the answer. do /iteminfo with your RPG item in hand. I did this for my wand and got Stick#2. So i made a chestshop sign with Stick#2 and it sold the stick. I can now sell these items with chest shop!

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    does this still work?
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