Chests with configurable contents that can only be looted once per person.

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    What I want: I've been looking around and have not been able to find exactly what I need. I'd like to have a plugin that allows me to set a chest as a "loot chest", define it's contents, and make it so that it can only be looted once per person.

    For example, I'm building a little adventure for new players joining my server. It's kind of a dungeon crawl, and I'd like to be able for players to discover chests with starter items hidden throughout. I do not want the chests to be repeatedly lootable (like infinite items), but I also don't want the contents to be taken by a player entering the server before another player.

    Having loot chests that have their contents per-player would also allow for other things people can do on a server, like building dungeons randomly around where anyone willing to complete the challenge gets what's in the final chest.

    Ideas for commands:
    /chestloot create - For setting a placed chest as a lootable chest​
    /chestloot set - For setting the contents of a lootable chest that everyone will get their first time opening it​

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible, if at all.
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    Howard Stark

    I may do this if noone else ever gets around to it. Just let me know if you want this.
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    I would very much appreciate it. Doesn't look like too many people are jumping on the idea lol
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    This is exactly what the TreasureChest plugin was created for. Its a little out of date but runs fine without errors. Can also do a lot more like give/take health, money, hunger, permissions, run commands etc.
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    double reccomend Treasure chest. been using it for ages. has heaps of really cool features

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