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    I want a simple plugin that u can like just put a sign near a chest and it would remove any items placed into it. Makes it easier for me :p so i don't have to go through EVERY of my chestshop's chest and clear out the items so other people can sell their items again T_T thats a pain I would like the plugin to be like the plugin Chest Restock but does the opposite :D
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    How about instead of a sign, a command?
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    I fine with that ^_^ as long as it auto removes it for me and only ops can do it :D

    Maybe something like punching the chest than doing a command to make it auto empty out things but not drop them :p like a trash disposal chest
    I'm going to be using this if u make it, with the plugin ChestShop Since people can sell their items, it goes into the chest which in turns gets filled over time so i hope u make it would really save me time

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    Dammit. I was hoping to make this plugin. Oh well I guess I'll just post what I've made anyways. It's very similar to JazzaG's plugin except for the fact that I added a simple undo feature. I'll post it up once I play test it to make sure there aren't any bugs.

    DarkXSpiritZ Done! :)


    Permission: "chestempty.use"
    Commands: "/chestempty [toggle|undo]

    Using the command "/chestempty toggle" will enable a mode which, on left click empties a chest.

    Using the command "/chestempty undo" will undo the last performed empty for that user (if there was one).

    Like with any plugin, be careful when using it. I did bugfix it and I couldn't find any other bugs but if you find any let me know and I'll fix it :)

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