Solved Check if the Placed chest connect to other chests

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mr_nice1107, Oct 25, 2019.

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    Hey there!
    Sorry for the long title but I don't find a shorter one...

    Ok I want to make a plugin that should lock chests...
    It worked well so far, but now I got some problems with dobblechests

    For example you have a locked chest! noone except of you can acces this chest

    Now you place a chest next to it
    The system should automaticly do 2 things
    check if the player who sets the secound chest next to that has is the owner of the first chest
    and secound:
    add the locking to the secound chest

    the secound thing is no big deal if you know how the first workes...

    so my question:
    Is there a way to check if the chest a player places do connect to a nother chest

    and I have another question
    Is it possible to block a redstone singal?
    For example a pressureplate or something like that
    Is there any event or something like that?

    I use the 1.14.4

    Thanks in advance for all the answers!
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    BlockPlaceEvent -> if placed block is a chest -> heck if the placed chest has a chest nearby, if it does, get the owner of the first chest, if it is not the player who placed the second chest cancel the event.
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    You are using 1.14 so you can only connect a chest to another chest by placing it while crouch clicking the other chest, correct?

    On PlayerInteractEvent, if he has a chest in his hand + is crouching + is targeting another chest.. Do what you gotta do.
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    Pretty sure it's the opposite, if you crouch, it won't connect.
  5. @Kars That's not really what he want's to do if I understood him correctly.

    @robertlit That actually should be all u need to get your thing working.
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    Ok, at first thank you for your answers!
    But that don't change anything im my case!
    I want to check if a block (in no event!) that I get from anywhere is connected to another chest!
    I found a solution:

    1. check if the block is a chest/trappedchest
    2. get the chestholders
    3. check if they are instance of double chest!

    Like this:
    if (block.getType().equals(Material.CHEST)) {
      (Chest) block.getState()
      InventoryHolder holder = chest.getInventory().getHolder();
      if (holder instanceof DoubleChest) {
        // DO STUF
    The problem in 1.14 is that you can place chests neare to each other...
    And yes when you are holding shift while placing a chest will prevents the chest to get conected!

    So I think this question is solved! Thank you very much!
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