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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrTomTomHD, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. I have been using Multiplay for server hosting and i currently pay $19 for 20 slots and 1gb ram.

    I have been told this is cheap and i have been told this is expensive.

    Does anyone know any cheaper host that are availble for rent in Australia?

    Also is Creeper host good?

    Looking for a cheap Australian Host?

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  2. Cheap and Australian doesn't go well together.
  3. Bump every 12+ hours.

    CreeperHost look alright, not too bad.
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    ~$20 sounds about right for 1GB of RAM on a QUALITY node, but it may be a tad bit on the expensive end for just a game server.

    Have you thought about maybe getting a VPS? I don't have any personal experience with any Australian providers but Exigent doesn't look too shabby if you're willing to give VPS a whirl. You certainly have more freedom. This wouldn't be much help if you're looking to reduce your costs, though. :p
  5. What is better to get? My server is currently running 30 plugins.

    Stay on multiplay Australian hosted 1gb $20 per month.

    or switch to CreeperHost 3gb $27 / month Hosted in Los Angeles USA.

    I live in Australia btw.
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    brinaq is quality and quite quite cheap. They are unfortunately in Canada but I live far from canada and still get a 4-5 bars connection. You should try them out :D
  7. Um get like cloudcrafting or another look for a host on
  8. I like it, Nice and cheap, I'm actually on your server right now
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