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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cacau_2000, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Can someone send me the thing i have to put to make prefixes with PermissionsEx?
    I want the prefixes:

    Someone help me please
  2. Define the prefixes in permissions.yml and install the PEX ChatManager plugin (it comes in the PEX .zip download).
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    Sushi i installed ChatManager, and i want the chat to be so [(rank)] <(name> : (message)
    Can you send me the node with those things
  4. There's no node. You have to set it up in your PEX config and your ChatManager config. Read some documentation.
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    But How? Im not understanding...
  6. Code:
        prefix: '&3[Guest]'
        - example.perms.*
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    Thanks so mcuh Chak!!!!!!

    @chackyl ps. i put that on permissionsex or chatmanager?

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  8. ChatManager
    EDIT: Sorry, confused. Use PermissionsEx
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    i made and didnt work
  10. Sorry! I was confused. Put it in your PermissionsEx permissions.yml file.
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