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    WordRank by LaLa
    Version 1.1.1
    Requires: Permissions 3.x
    Downloads: 1079 (updated daily)

    This plugin was made for this request. With WordRank, you can create and configure special words, that if said, will place the player in the set group of that word. Multi-world compatible!

    • Create words to add people to groups when said
    • Permissions support
    Commands (open)

    • /w add [word] [group] [world] - Add a word (If world left blank, will use the current one)
    • /w remove [word] - Remove a word
    • /w removeall - Remove all configured words
    • [word] - Simply type the word to 'redeem' your group

    Permissions (open)

    • WordRank.add - Add a word (/w add)
    • WordRank.remove - Remove a word (/w remove)
    • WordRank.remove.all - Remove all words (/w removeall)
    • WordRank.say - Allows a group to say words that gives them a group
    • WordRank.[word] - (Replace word with a configured word) Gives permission to only use said word

    Download v1.1.1 | Older versions
    Source code

    Version 1.1.1:
    • Updated for build 1000, probably not required
    Version 1.1

    • You can now specify what world the word gives the group to (argument not required-left blank it will get the world you are in when you set the word)
    • WordRank will now remove all groups before adding the new group (requested by @GmK )
    • Sorry, couldn't get the option for all worlds to work [creeper] .. I'll try again next update..
    Version 1.0

    • First release
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    3.0 has been released and the plugin is now updated to 1.5.2-R1

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