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    Old post:

    Old Post
    WordRank by LaLa
    Version 1.1.1
    Requires: Permissions 3.x
    Downloads: 1079 (updated daily)

    This plugin was made for this request. With WordRank, you can create and configure special words, that if said, will place the player in the set group of that word. Multi-world compatible!

    • Create words to add people to groups when said
    • Permissions support
    Commands (open)

    • /w add [word] [group] [world] - Add a word (If world left blank, will use the current one)
    • /w remove [word] - Remove a word
    • /w removeall - Remove all configured words
    • [word] - Simply type the word to 'redeem' your group

    Permissions (open)

    • WordRank.add - Add a word (/w add)
    • WordRank.remove - Remove a word (/w remove)
    • WordRank.remove.all - Remove all words (/w removeall)
    • WordRank.say - Allows a group to say words that gives them a group
    • WordRank.[word] - (Replace word with a configured word) Gives permission to only use said word

    Download v1.1.1 | Older versions
    Source code

    Version 1.1.1:
    • Updated for build 1000, probably not required
    Version 1.1

    • You can now specify what world the word gives the group to (argument not required-left blank it will get the world you are in when you set the word)
    • WordRank will now remove all groups before adding the new group (requested by @GmK )
    • Sorry, couldn't get the option for all worlds to work [creeper] .. I'll try again next update..
    Version 1.0

    • First release
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    Can you make it just like your plugin CouponCodes? Like /redeem <code>
    and no more times use, will be great!
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    Update to 1060?
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    does this work with PermissionsBukkit + SuperPermsBridge?
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    It works with 1060 ;)
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    would it possible that you switch to groupmanger because permissions is inactive and groupmanger will be updated in the next days?
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    My friend, im sory bot i found a bug. ;-)
    i typed my magic word and guess what happened to the User file:
            - Superadmin
            - World_andreas,User
    The world i tested it on is called "world" and the other worlds inherit there permissions from that world.
    The world i said my magically word in, is called "World_andreas"
    Just to make it clear.
    So you can see the funny problem. ;-)
    I was wrong before. its much more strange than that.
    All my worlds inherit there permissions from my main world called "world".
    The word i had chosen, was set to work in the world: "World_andreas" where i tested/used it too. The strange thing is that the part of my user file is from my main world "world".
    Where the other worlds inherit from.
    Quite funny.
    Im thinking that the reason why I got two groups set to my username is because i already was registered in the file. So gotta test that right away.
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    Could you add SuperPerms support? Would be nice...
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    /sign :)
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    can you update it for minecraft 1.8.1?and maybe make it support Superperms?
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    I second for RB #1185
    And maybe compatible with GM?
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    Yeah please get it to work with PermissionsEx 1.14 as soon as you can - but it looks like you have stopped working on this plugin...please don't

    What's that?

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    lol just updated on the BukkitDev's site and came to update this thread :p

    Well, when it gets approved.. ->
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    Hey i just wanted to say that this plugin isnt compatable with azp weather it doesnt let you perform the commands because they both start with /w
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    Ok so i really like the plugin, it all works fine. Creating groups and addin gpeople works but whats not working is that when i add a prefix or suffix to anything, it doesnt show up when you talk in game. just wondering if i can get a little help for it
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    That's handled by other plugins. A reload would probably work.
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    Just a request: Would it be possible for you to add that the users has to pay when they do the command?
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    There are plugins already for that
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    Can you add the possibility to add groups globally instead of per world?
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    wherre the hekk is the download
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    Download Here

    Read the first post silly!
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    You have made a realy cool plugin. But ive mentioned that you have made a mistake in your source.
    First it removes the current rank that the player had before he says the "Magic word". and then it removes the account of the player, so it resets the default group that must be removed. if that two things where changed so the server first removes the account and then remove current rank, this plugin wil be great!
    Sorry for my bad english. And if you dont understand what i mean, pm me the source code and i will change it for you. so you can upload it again.
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    2.0 will be out tomorrow
    Added in 2.0
    Added in 2.0
    Uh, well I don't believe I have this yet but I can add it into 2.0
    Well, it's fixed

    Please don't forget to check the BukkitDev page, I hate massive replies on forums.
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    Hi this is a good plugin.

    However, I cant get it to work with the latest pex (1.16).

    I already have this in my permissions:
    whenever i type the word i still can't get the user to rank up
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    That's PEX not assigning the permission. Nothing WordRank can do for now.
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    When I get my config file open there is nothing there.
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    Please update for 1.2 :D
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    plllz tell me how do i use it and does it say for ex admin phile33: hiya guys or doesnt it say??
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    Long time no see LaLa. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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