[CHAT] WNChatCleaner v0.2 - The ultimate chat cleaner! [1.1-R5]

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    WNChatCleaner v0.2 - The ultimate chat cleaner!
    (Visit this project on BukkitDev: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/wnchatcleaner/)


    WNChatCleaner is your ultimate choice of plugin for cleaning the chat. Like no other around this unique plugin not only allows you to clear the global chat, but also clear your own chat, or others!*

    • Cleans up global, self (local), and other players' chat!
    • Customizable and toggle-able messages to be displayed (specified in the configuration).
    • 100% guaranteed to NOT spam your console!
    • "Plug-n-Play" - Configuration doesn't need to be edited (unless you'd like to)
    • /wnc all - Clears the global chat.
    • /wnc self - Clears your own chat, nobody else's!
    • /wnc <Player> - Clear someone else's chat!
    • /wnc reload - Reload the configuration.
    • wnc.* - Wildcard; Gives all permissions.
    • wnc.all - Allows for clearing the global chat.
    • wnc.self - Allows for clearing your own chat.
    • wnc.reload - Allows access to the /wnc reload command.
    Configuration How-To
    Example config.yml:
        Display Messages: true
        Message: '&2The global chat has been cleared by *sender!'
        Console Message: 'Global chat has been cleared by *sender!'
        Display Messages: true
        Message: '&6The local chat has been cleared!'
        Display Messages: true
        Sender Message: '&1You have sucessfully cleared *user chat!'
        Reciever Message: '&6Your chat has been cleared by *sender.'
        Console Message: '*sender has cleared *user chat!'
    The following variables are accepted in the configuration strings:
    • Note: It's important that the aterisk (*) be placed before each.
    • *sender - The sender of the command; an error will be thrown if used in a wrong section.
    • *user - The user that the command affects; an error will be thrown if there is no affected user (such as Global).
    You're also able to use color codes (as seen above) by using the ampersand (&) symbol, followed by a valid color code.

    The colors are as follows:

    • Q: How does the plugin not spam my console?
    • A: It does this by simply scrolling through the list of online players and messaging each one of them with blank messages.
    • Q: Is there any alternative to sending blank messages, such as a function that removes chat?
    • A: The simple answer is: no. Sorry!
    How To Install:
    • Download the latest build of WNChatCleaner.
    • Place .jar in your plugins folder.
    • Done!

    Upcoming Plans:
    • Make sure all code from the v0.1 => v0.2 move is OK.
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    The proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]
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    Ah, that's what I assumed, but I wasn't quite sure which one to put. Updating it now.
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    You just need a bit of a description and I can move this to releases.
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    @NuclearW Description has been added, hopefully it meets the standards! It's the best I could think of for such a simple plugin. :p
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    Looks good to me, off to releases with this.
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    Wait what?
    Clean? like removing the text in the chat?
    just like a rejoin?
    if so i see potential
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    Unless it's specified in the config.yml to display text upon clearing it will completely clear all of the text on the screen, as if you just joined, just without the MOTD! It also has the command (as listed) to be able to clear either everyone's chat, or just your own.
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    Does this support HeroChat? Screenshot (before, after)?
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    It doesn't hook in with HeroChat, but it doesn't stop it from working either. It'll clear the chat just the same! I'll give you a screenshot if you still want though!
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    It works with everything, Wolfy. It just enters spaces into chat per line and moves all of the text, out of the window view.
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    Yep, that's what it does alright! That's why I said that it didn't stop it from working with any particular plugin, as it doesn't require hooking in with anything for it to send blank messages.
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    One question;
    What do you mean by it doesn't spam console? It puts a bunch of blank lines in console, which spams it :p
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    I'm not using any wrapper of any sort when I'm testing the plugin, and it doesn't spam the console, it merely just shows the [info] log message that the chat has been cleared, plain and simple.

    If you're experiencing a whole bunch of blank lines in the console, it could be the wrapper you're using or that the console is merely not filtering out the blank lines. I can't be quite sure, but I can say that I'm being honest when I put that there, as I don't seem to have such problems.
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    It's fine to me, I was just curious. Also I'm not using and wrappers, just Bukkit :p.
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    Well you're welcome, and hope you enjoy the plugin if you decide to use it :p
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    Some people in me server are talking about : Alchohol, Drugs, ...... Youknow?​
    Now i can ban them and clear the chat!​
    Thankyou very Much!​
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    Updated to v0.2 on both forums and BukkitDev. I'd prefer you make a ticket on BukkitDev if there's an issue, thanks!
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    this plugin look promising, to the other plugin i have is cmd /cc thx :)
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    Edit: If you didn't see this post earlier I advised that the download link provided was to v0.1 and not v0.2, so if you didn't already download v0.2 please do so! It includes all the features and/or fixes listed, thanks!
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    Long time no see Wolfy9247. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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