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    xMail is a simple plugin that allows you to send mail to anyone that has an xMail account, even if it's not created yet.

    If you want to get right down to the commands, permissions, source, changelog, and download, please visit the BukkitDev page, as that's where I'll be keeping all that.

    xMail may seem simple, but it is truly a work of art. With xMail you can become part of the network of other servers who use it, or you can set it up for your new cloud server environment. With xMail installed on your server, you unlock the potential for your players to be able to send mail to each other without even having to be on your server. xMail provides a website (although it's still in the making) for you to send, receive, and manage your mail when you are not able to get online to Minecraft.

    xMail has more than just simple sending though... xMail also supports the sending of items and (soon) money. If you don't want your players to be able to send items, or get items for that matter, you can block those actions. If you would like a more refined blocking (such as blocking specific items), you will need another plugin, but luckily xMail provides and API for developers to use.

    xMail doesn't stop there. You are not only able to send mail to players, but you can also send mail to the console of any xMail server. Simply send mail to "console@<server IP>" to send a mail message to any server, or just send it to "console" to send it to the current server you are on.

    Bugs / Errors / Suggestions

    Bugs and errors will not be answered if posted in the replies below, instead, please use the ticket system provided. If you have a "critical" bug (such as a duplication glitch), please send it to me personally through the contact form.

    Suggestions / feature requests can be posted alongside feedback below.

    Download / Source / Changelog / Everything Else

    You won't find any of that on this post, please head over to the BukkitDev page.

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    As usual very nice, approved.
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    Thank you :3
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    Version 1.1.1

    Patches multiple problems and exploits in version 1.1.0, as well as adds new features (such as update check).

    It is STRONGLY suggested all servers using xMail download 1.1.1.

    Download here (not working? Try here).
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    Version 1.2.0 has been released!

    This is the 1.4 update for xMail
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    Very good idea. I surprised that this was not thought of yet. Also, thank you for adding the API so more people can use your amazing tool. Keep up the good work.
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    I plan to extend the API and provide a working example of the API.

    If you have ideas for the API (functions it should do, etc), let me know :)

    The working example I am currently making is xMail-Pets. Basically it allows you to send animals (hostile or friendly) through the xMail system. In the end I'm going to adapt it to allow you to check up on pets in the mail online (cause why not) and see who killed your pet. (xMail -Pets was a joke between some of my friends, but it could potentially be a good idea)
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    xMail - v1.3.0

    • Added a whole lot of developer support
    • Added /xmail build
    • Added option to show players what permission is missing
    • Fixed consoles not being able to read mail from other folders
    • Fixed consoles not being able to (correctly) send mail to other consoles
    Download from BukkitDev (mirror)
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    xMail - v1.4.0

    • Added support to import from Mailings
    • Fixed Metrics stats not working
    • Fixed books not being received correctly
    • Updated xMail to be future-proof
    • Changed how extra/unsupported attachments are stored
    • We no longer break servers with unknown items
    • Fixed overflow trigger
    • Added spam filter warning
    • Fixed economy not actually withdrawing funds
    • Added 'large mail message' detection and blocking
    • Mail folders now update on join
    • Expanded developer API
      • Added new attachment: UnknownItemAttachemnt -- A safe way to send item mail without the server knowing what it is
      • Added internal read state to Mail
      • Allow exporter to use player names (by String)
      • Added force mail update method in XMailEntity
      • Added mass send method
    • Multiple minor bug fixes
      • Fixed bug with money format
      • Fixed order of messages in /xmail build (on send)
      • Fixed message format bug in complex mail
      • Fixed incorrect item count in Mailbox close message
    Download from BukkitDev (mirror)
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    Version 1.5.0 has been uploaded to BukkitDev!

    It will be here once it's approved.

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