[CHAT/WEB] PhpbbPM v1.1 - read/send PM synch. with Phpbb [1337]

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    PhpbbPM - private message synch with phpbb [1060]

    Version: v1.1

    PhpbbPM allows you to read and send in-game private messages (PM).

    PM are fully synchronised with your Phpbb 3.x forum.
    (if you don't have a Phpbb forum, this plugin is not meant for your server)

    Your amount of PM can be view on a sign. (just write PhpbbPM on the first line of the sign)

    Usage (open)

    display in-game help for phpbbpm

    list all new pm

    /pmread [id]
    read new pm. id (gave by pmlist) is optional, without it the last new pm you received will be displayed.

    /pmsend <player> <subject> <message>
    send a pm. the subject must be in one word. if you use an underscore ('_'), it will be replaced by a space (' ').

    • send a pm to a player
    • read your unread pm
    • list unread pm
    • display how many PM you've got on server join.
    • display a PM amount reminder every X min. (configurable)
    • view amount of PM on a sign
    Note : You must edit the config.properties file to specify your phpbb database configuration.

    Download PhpbbPM Plugin

    Source Code


    Version 1.1
    • a new config file, pseudo.fix has been added to specify the exact pseudos(forum and minecraft) of an user. If the player is not in the list, the plugin will search the in-game pseudo in the forum members list (it's the default old behaviour).
    Version 1.0

    • Releasing PhpbbPM on bukkit's forum
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    Permissions + iConomy support?

    Kidding! Great plugin, I'm going to give this a try tonight
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    I didn't add any iConomy or Permission support.
    I made this plugin for my own server witch still runs Permissions 2.x. So Maybe I will add Permissions support someday after updating my server's permission plugin.
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    please add your plugins version number to the thread title
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    Done =)
    I also updated phpbbpm to v1.1

    EDIT: tested on build 935
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    I was waiting for a stable release :/

    Just tested on Build #953, still working
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    I just wanted to say thanks for this wonderful plugin.
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    It works and all, but when I try sending a PM, it says Message not sent, no error in console.
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    What command did you write?
    I think you wrote a pseudo that is not known in the phpbb database.
    Use pseudo.fix to link the game pseudo to the phpbb pseudo.
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    Wha- I think I just... Thanks! I'll try this out a bit later.
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    tha d0ctor

    this would be great if it supported other forum types too!
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    Do you have any suggestion? phpbb is just the most known free open source cms to make forums. It's why I use it.

    Just tested on Build #1060, still working
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    tha d0ctor

    I would love this if it worked with Xenforo!
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    To make a compatible version of my plugin with any forum, I need the source code.
    Obviously, I will not pay for a software I will not use. PM me a copy of Xenforo source code and I'll see what I can do.
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    The included folder in the zip file contains capital letters.

    But when I ran the plugin it created a new one without any capitalization.

    This would be useful info when installing for the first time on a linux server.
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    thank you for pointing that out ! I will update the zip file with the good name (phpbbpm without any capitalization).
    I just can't right know, i'm behind a proxy and github upload manager does not work.

    EDIT: done.
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    When i run this plugin i get an error connection everytime.
    Even if it works or not.
    I can read pms but console still says error connecting.
    and i noticed that sometimes it trys to use default settings even though i have typed in my mysql connection settings.

    I love the idea of this plugin. Its nice how it works. It just needs some work!
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    o0 I just tested it on the bukkit 1337 build and it still works.

    What you are telling me is really strange. Normaly you can't read PM if you can't connect to the database. It's just nonsense.

    If you have a connection error, you surely have not configured your 'config.properties' file well.

    My config.properties for my dev environment:
    db_prefix=phpbb_ <= It's the default prefix of PhpBB but you should check if you did let it as default or not
    db_pass=root <= my mysql password
    db_user=root <= my mysql login
    db_name=phpbb <= database name
    db_url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:8889/ <= check if you have the right port, if there is a 'slash' at the end of the string. Try to replace localhost by (if your forum is not on the same server than your minecraft server, put the right address).

    Can you give me more details?
    If the plugin doesn't find the config files, it will create new ones. To connect to the database, the plugin read the config file and there is no default value. If you are talking about the properties: unread_warning, unread_warning_delay, ...
    There is defaults values. I will check on that. Thanks for your report.
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    I am sorry i did not tell you this before... I had a lot going on.
    I got it fixed. When i rebooted the server it worked fine. I was loading it dynamically with a plugin loader. And this plugin is awesome! thanks ;)
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    Is tho a way to edit this and make it work whit IPB: 3.2.3 ?
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    Yup, you have to replace the mysql queries in the file SqlManager.java

    I have mid term exams this month and I didn't play Minecraft for a while. I will not work on this.
    But if you still want to edit the plugin, get phpMyAdmin (a great mysql browser).
    Try to see what tables changed after you sent a pm and edit the existing queries by the adequate ones
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    This plugin looks AMAZING! I can't wait to try it out, assuming it still works! I am really really excited for this, as it's a way to keep in better contact with players. =)
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